RMS T30-0006 temperature sensor ROTRONIC


Šifra: RMS T30-0006

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  • cable length: 4 m
  • sensor diameter: 6 mm
  • sensor length 50 mm
  • Sensor operating range: -200 … +600 °C



The RMS T30-0006 temperature sensor from ROTRONIC is a Pt100 resistive temperature sensor.

The temperature range of the data logger is limited to -40 … +70 °C.


  • without lead influence
  • Pt100 1/3 DIN class B
  • high measurement accuracy



The RMS-LOG-T30 data logger for temperature ROTRONIC with two integrated analogue-to-digital converters for connecting two PT100 sensors enables precise temperature measurement.

The measurement accuracy of a data logger with a Pt100 sensor can be improved with a 1- or 2-point setting.

The temperature sensor sends the measured values to the RMS database via LAN or wireless connection.

The RMS-LOG-T30 data logger series has two models , RMS-LOG-T30-L and RMS-LOG-T30-868, which differ in battery life and interface.



Applications RMS T30-0006 temperature sensor

  • Dry led
  • refrigerators
  • cold stores
  • standard
  • water baths
  • freezers


For more technical information, please refer to the technical data sheet in the Annex (Documentation).

Other designations: RMS-T30-0006, RMS T300006, RMS T30_0006


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