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Good practice

9. November, 2023

Svetovni dan kakovosti

Ob svetovnem dnevu kakovosti obeležujemo 23 let delovanja ELPRO Laboratorija za kalibracije in dobrih 13 let odkar smo prejeli prvo akreditacijo. Kakovost je naše vodilo, ki ga implementiramo v vse naše procese.


18. October, 2023

Optimal set-up of heating and cooling systems with…

Take a look at the advanced tools from our German partner Wöhler, indispensable for checking cooling and heating systems (HVAC).


12. October, 2023


Measuring the airtightness of a building An airtight building envelope prevents condensation or structural damage and heat loss due to […]

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ELPRO Lepenik is your partner in measurements of temperature, humidity, pressure, level and related quantities. Production temperature sensors, sells measurement and control technology from world leaders manufacturers, service of measuring and control technology and accredited calibration laboratory are based on our knowledge and experience built up since 1991 to provide safe, efficient and energy-efficient solutions for your challenges.

We are a family-run business with a professional staff focused on solving challenges. We were founded in 1991. Driven by the desire for efficiency, safe choice and use, durability and simplicity. Simplicity in the sense of being with us easy to work together to take some of the burden for you. To become and remain our partners.

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