Industrial electronics service -
For emergency situations of jams and malfunctions, use our 24-hour production of temperature sensors and measurement and regulation equipment. While you are on your way to us, we are already working. Find out more >
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We follow the principles of sustainability, so we design and manufacture in such a way that we can calibrate, repair, recycle, reuse. Find out more >
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Industrial electronics service

Is anyone else repairing and restoring anything? Yes, we do a lot. Repairs are part of sustainability. Industrial products are repaired, refurbished, recycled. We also manufacture custom-made control cabinets and provide on-site service.

Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness are taken into account

We are committed to sustainability. Our commitment and vision shows our desire and commitment to a green future for generations to come.

Quality products make repairs possible. Sustainability is achieved by using or reusing as much as possible. We take into account energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, assess whether the repair is reasonable or not and inform you accordingly.

Our Industrial Electronics Service Department has been operating since 1991.

We carry out warranty repairs and routine maintenance on all products in our regular product and sales range:

  • servicing the temperature sensor product range
  • servicing of the entire partner programme of instrumentation and control technology
  • servicing of other industrial electronics equipment from various manufacturers

Field service includes:

  • visits and recommendations for improvements
  • dismantling and installation
  • servicing and inspections
  • settings, measurements and calibrations
  • user advice and preventive maintenance
  • refurbishment of control cabinets; and
  • manufacture of new control cabinets to order

Sensor digitisation, calibration services, dedicated software and other additional services are also part of our service offer. Call us!

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