Accredited laboratory - ELPRO - Accreditation document LK-026
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Accredited laboratory

The ELPRO Calibration Laboratory has been operating since 2000 and received its first accreditation in May 2010. The ELPRO Calibration Laboratory is accredited by the Slovenian Accreditation with accreditation number LK-026 in the field of calibration (SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025).

With each accreditation, we continuously confirm our competence to perform calibrations. At the same time, we are continuously improving and developing our calibration processes and services towards modern solutions that create the conditions for added value (accuracy, reliability, confidence), cost reduction (energy savings, quality control) and safe operation for our customers.

We want to contribute a significant share to the visibility and use of accredited calibrations, in line with customer expectations and requirements, on both domestic and foreign markets. In line with market requirements and needs, we develop, improve and expand the scope of accredited calibrations, especially in the areas of temperature and relative humidity.

Accreditation document

Our experience is our biggest advantage

Make the most of what we have to offer! This is our extensive experience in correct use, measurements and calibrations. It’s not enough to buy the right meter, it’s the little things that can go wrong.

Calibrations and metrological traceability

Calibration and metrological traceability are technical terms that are not always easy to understand. They are key concepts for understanding the validity of certificates.

Preparing for calibration

Sending a gauge or specimen to the laboratory for calibration requires some preparation. To help you prepare for this step, we have put together the following tips.

What can you calibrate here?

Laboratories differ in the scope of the calibrations we perform, the location where we perform them and our best capabilities. We are the place for temperature and relative humidity calibrations!

Calibration certificate

A little different about the Calibration Certificate: which is the “right” one, its purpose and mission, and what good it brings to your house.

Frequently asked questions

Our experience is our greatest asset, so we collect frequently asked questions for our users and answer them publicly, so you always have our answers at your fingertips.

General conditions of the laboratory

The ELPRO Calibration Laboratory is part of ELPRO Lepenik & Co., but with adapted general conditions according to the requirements of the standard and the profession.

Laboratory contact details

SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025 requires the laboratory to authorise expert persons to give opinions and interpretations. So that users receive professional and relevant information they can rely on and trust.

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