Our experience is our biggest advantage - ELPRO
Za nujne situacije zastojev in okvar koristite našo 24 h izdelavo temperaturnih tipal in merilno regulacijske opreme. Medtem, ko ste vi na poti do nas, mi že delamo. Več o tem >
Garantiramo vam 100 % izhodno kontrolo ELPRO temperaturnih tipal. Več o tem >
Sledimo načelom trajnosti, zato projektiramo in izdelujemo tako, da lahko kalibriramo, popravljamo, recikliramo, ponovno uporabimo. Več o tem >
Podatke, skice in specifikacije o temperaturnih tipalih trajno hranimo, zato jih lahko ponovimo čez 1, 10, 20 let. Več o tem >

Our experience is our biggest advantage

Make the most of what we have to offer! This is our extensive experience in correct use, measurements and calibrations. It's not enough to buy the right meter, it's the little things that can go wrong.

ELPRO Calibration Laboratory

ELPRO Calibration Laboratory is part of a company that is involved in temperature measurements in industrial applications and has its own production of temperature sensors. This gives us a lot of experience within the team and the organisation about what customers need, how they measure, what is good for them and how they will get the biggest positive impact. Although the laboratory is a separate entity, additional resources for development and training are available through the company. On the other hand, the company has a strong background of expertise in the laboratory and access to the latest standards and recommendations. The laboratory teaches us order and rules, records and repeatability, as it is accredited to SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and also complies with the principles of ISO 9001.

Take advantage of our benefits:

  • expert support to customers based on our measurement expertise,
  • resolving measurement challenges, errors, ambiguities,
  • wide range of temperature and humidity calibrations,
  • field calibrations for a very wide range of needs and processes.

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