About the company - We offer comprehensive support for temperature measurements
For emergency situations of jams and malfunctions, use our 24-hour production of temperature sensors and measurement and regulation equipment. While you are on your way to us, we are already working. Find out more >
We guarantee you 100% output control of ELPRO temperature sensors.Find out more >
We follow the principles of sustainability, so we design and manufacture in such a way that we can calibrate, repair, recycle, reuse. Find out more >
We store data, sketches and specifications about temperature sensors permanently, so they can be repeated in 1, 10, 20 years. Find out more >

About the company

We are a family-run business with a professional staff focused on solving challenges. We are driven by the desire for efficiency, safe choice, use, sustainability and simplicity. Simplicity in the sense that we are easy to work with, that we take some of the burden for you. To become and remain our partners.

Company presentation

Since 1991, we have been providing you with comprehensive support in the field of temperature measurement and control with our own production of temperature sensors, industrial electronics service and calibration services, as well as in the fields of relative humidity, pressure and level with products from our partners.

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ELPRO LEPENIK & CO. d.o.o. smo ekipa 16 zaposlenih, ki jo povezuje strast do dela, zavzetost in pripadnost. Skupaj sledimo […]


Together with our partners Ebro Electronic (Xylem Analytics), Shinko Technos, Inor, Calex Electronics, Rotronic, Michell Instruments, Comet System, WIKA, Ashcroft, Mollet, Jola, ECOM, Wöhler, Handheld and others, we provide complete solutions for temperature, humidity, level, pressure, gas analysis and other related quantities.


ELPRO Calibration Laboratory is an LK-026 accredited laboratory with Slovenian Accreditation, in accordance with SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017.


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Here you can’t hide behind a ficus, but you can be creative, self-initiated and successful in the work you love to do.

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GENERAL With these Terms and Conditions, ELPRO Lepenik & Co. d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”) sets out the […]

Our advantages

Today, we are automating and digitising processes so that tomorrow they will be part of your daily work and ours. We need to do this prudently, safely and rationally, so as not to undermine confidence in measurement and regulation. That’s why it’s our challenge.

Our commitment to sustainability

“For us, sustainability is not just nice words, it means very concrete action: making sure materials are from reliable sources […]

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