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Za nujne situacije zastojev in okvar koristite našo 24 h izdelavo temperaturnih tipal in merilno regulacijske opreme. Medtem, ko ste vi na poti do nas, mi že delamo. Več o tem >
Garantiramo vam 100 % izhodno kontrolo ELPRO temperaturnih tipal. Več o tem >
Sledimo načelom trajnosti, zato projektiramo in izdelujemo tako, da lahko kalibriramo, popravljamo, recikliramo, ponovno uporabimo. Več o tem >
Podatke, skice in specifikacije o temperaturnih tipalih trajno hranimo, zato jih lahko ponovimo čez 1, 10, 20 let. Več o tem >


ELPRO Lepenik is a family-run company with a professional staff focused on solving challenges. We offer comprehensive support - you can write, call or request a personal visit for advice. We'll be happy to help.

Urgent delivery

Breakdowns, emergency breakdowns and other urgent situations require fast action and urgent deliveries. We call them emergency rooms.

Technical support

Selling is only part of the process of our cooperation with you. When it gets stuck or crashes, we’re here for you with our technical support.

Industrial electronics service

Is anyone else repairing and restoring anything? Yes, we do a lot. Repairs are part of sustainability. Industrial products are repaired, refurbished, recycled. We also manufacture custom-made control cabinets and provide on-site service.

Complaint claim

It happens. And when we want to solve it together with you, quickly and efficiently. We have prepared a complaint form to guide you through the submission process and help you resolve your complaint more quickly.

Frequently asked questions and problems

Our experience is our greatest asset, so we collect frequently asked questions for our users and answer them publicly, so you always have our answers at your fingertips.

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