General conditions of the laboratory -
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General conditions of the laboratory

The ELPRO Calibration Laboratory is part of ELPRO Lepenik & Co., but with adapted general conditions according to the requirements of the standard and the profession.

General Terms and Conditions ELPRO Calibration Laboratory

General conditions of the laboratory

Complaints procedure

The Customer/Complainant may submit a complaint regarding the performance of the laboratory activities of the ELPRO Calibration Laboratory, in writing or orally, within a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the performance of the laboratory activities.

The document “Complaint Report Form”, together with instructions on how to fill it in, can be found here. It is also permissible for a complainant to make a complaint orally or by telephone, but only for complaints that are not related to the calibration process itself. These are complaints of a systemic nature, such as dissatisfaction with a procedure, staff conduct, etc. In these cases, the application may also be completed by quality staff, as instructed by the complainant.

Responsibility for specimens

From the time of collection to the time of shipment/delivery, i.e. the entire time the specimens are in the laboratory, they are the responsibility of the laboratory staff. At the moment of dispatch/delivery to the recipient or courier/postal service, the responsibility passes to the customer, which is publicly announced under the general terms and conditions on the laboratory’s website. The insurance of the consignment is the responsibility of the customer, who must notify this when handing over the specimen.

Upon reasoned request for supervision (observation) of the laboratory’s performance, the customer may, with the prior written approval of the laboratory, be present during the preparation, packaging and distribution of his specimens.

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