TTU-GLA-010-11A3L 120/30559-TWRSB 0/MP industry temperature sensor



Šifra: TTU-GLA-010-11A3L 120-30559 TWRSB 0/MP

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  • measuring element: 1 x Pt100, class A according to EN 60751 : 2008, 3-wire connection
  • Installation length: l = 300 mm, then extension to fi 6.0 mm length l = 60 mm
  • diameter: fi 3 mm
  • extension to PTFE connecting cable: l: 5000 mm, with joint protection
  • all metal materials: stainless steel Wr.Nr.: 1.4571
  • operating temperature of the sensor: -220 … +600 °C, at the cable connection: +200 °C





TTU-GLA-010-11A3L 120-30559 TWRSB 0/MP 0 … 100 °C

  • measuring element: 1 x Pt100, class A according to EN 60751 : 2008, 3-wire connection
  • input: 0 … 100 °C
  • Output: 4 … 20 mA
  • Installation length: l = 120 mm
  • Process connection: G1/2″ with safety neck
  • diameter of the protective hose: fi 9 mm
  • quality of materials in contact with the medium: 1.4571/316 Ti
  • Connecting head: electroplated aluminium
  • operating temperature of sensor: -50 … +450 °C, at head: +100 °C
  • built-in measuring transducer: INOR basic

Special features

  • ELPRO 5 year warranty on temperature sensor
  • INOR 5 year warranty on the measuring transducer
  • laser welded
  • Made in Slovenia


  • ISO1: checking the temperature sensor at one selected point
  • CAL: Calibration Certificate, accredited
  • TEST: test and material certificate
  • ATEX: Ex certificate
  • OV/OO: metal engraved marker plate
  • ON SITE CAL: implementation for calibration directly in the production process
  • ETALON: additional reference sensor in combination with ON SITE EXECUTION


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Other designations: TTU GLA 010 11A3L, TTU_GLA_010_11A3L