RMS-8ADC-L-R-V analogue-to-digital converter ROTRONIC


Šifra: RMS-8ADC-L-R-V

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Delivery time: approximately 2-3 weeks

  • measured parameters: voltage
  • supply voltage: 14 … 30 V DC
  • Application range: -10 … +60 °C, 0 … 90% RH
  • Memory size: 7 days memory with RMS expansion
  • measuring interval: 10 s to 15 min (depending on the software calculation)



The RMS-8ADC-L-R-V 8-input, analogue-to-digital converter from ROTRONIC has been designed to integrate analogue outputs into digital RMS.

Eight inputs offer the flexibility of using an existing system with a flexible monitoring system.

Works only with RMS converter.


Benefits of the RMS-8ADC-L-R-V

  • LED signal light
  • Passive input up to ± 10 V
  • Programmed via RMS software
  • 8 isolated analogue input channels 0 … 10 V


Included in the consignment

  • analogue-to-digital converter


Using the RMS-8ADC-L-R-V

  • Building automation
  • industrial automation
  • monitoring / process control


For more technical information, please refer to the technical data sheet in the Annex (Documentation).

Other designations: RMS 8ADC-L-R-V, RMS_8ADC-L-R-V, RMS 8ADC_L-R-V


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