910.17 Gaskets for measuring instruments and instrument accessories WIKA


Šifra: 910.17

Po naročilu. Pošljite povpraševanje.

Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • wide choice of materials and sizes
  • for process connections with/without centering tube
  • versions: flat sealing ring according to EN 837-1 (and similar), WIKA sealing ring and edge sealing ring



910.17 Seals for measuring instruments and instrumentation accessories WIKA shall sit between the stationary surfaces of the parallel screw connection.

When the specified tightening torque is reached, the screw connection is axially sealed with the resulting surface pressure. 910.17 Gaskets are used to seal threaded connections at measuring points and connection elements in the construction of appliances and piping (e.g. valves, taps, traps, connection adaptors, overpressure relief devices). They prevent the accidental release of gaseous or liquid media into the environment. It is recommended that the gasket is checked for damage or deformation at each dismantling and replaced if necessary.


For more technical information, please refer to the technical data sheet in the Annex (Documentation).


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