PGT23.063 Bourdon pressure gauge with WIKA output signal


Šifra: MAN-PGT23.063

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  • Safety pressure gauge S3 according to EN 837-1
  • simple analogue display of nominal size 63
  • no configuration required due to “plug-and-play”
  • measurements range from 0 … 1 bar to 0 … 1000 bar



PGT23.063 Bourdon pressure gauge with WIKA output signal is used for pressure measurement of gaseous and liquid media.

When the process pressure needs to be specified locally under limited spatial conditions and at the same time a signal transmission to a central control or remote centre is desired, the PGT23.063 is an intelliGAUGE model (patents including, but not limited to, patent No EP 06113003).

By combining a mechanical measuring system with precise electronic signal processing, process pressure can be read safely even if voltage is lost.

The intelliGAUGE PGT23.063 meets all safety requirements of the relevant standards and regulations for the on-site display of the working pressure of pressure vessels. This allows you to store an additional measuring point for mechanical pressure display.

The PGT23.063 is based on the model 23X.30 high quality stainless steel safety pressure gauge with a nominal size of 63. The pressure gauge is manufactured in accordance with EN 837-1.

The fully welded and robust Bourdon tube metering system produces a rotation of the pointer proportional to the pressure. The electronic angle encoder, proven in safety-critical automotive applications, determines the position of the camshaft – it is a non-contact sensor and therefore completely wear- and friction-free. This produces an electrical output signal proportional to the pressure, 4 … 20 mA.

The WIKA electronic sensor integrated in the high-quality pressure gauge combines the advantages of electrical signal transmission with the benefits of a local mechanical display.

The measuring range (electrical output signal) is automatically adjusted together with the mechanical display, i.e. the scale corresponds to 4 … 20 mA over the whole measuring range.


To view additional options and more technical features, we recommend viewing the attached .pdf documents under the Documentation section.



The new WIKA pressure measurement system is an EMICO emission meter that ensures the safety of people and the environment in critical processes. The system consists of pressure gauges of models 2xx.30 in the safety version or S-3 in accordance with EN 837-1 (S3) and a valve to prevent fugitive emissions:

The measuring instrument and the valve are connected by a lightweight swivel adapter with a special sealing packing. The system is leak tested in accordance with TA Luft (VDI 2440) for fugitive emissions. The EMICO system measures pressures from 0 to 420 bar or 6000 psi. In the event of a failure due to high overpressure, the S-3 safety version protects the user from injury.

The compact measuring system can be started up immediately after delivery. The free rotating swivel adapter allows 360° positioning of the display and easy disassembly of the measuring instrument (in case calibration is required). In accordance with ISO 15848-1 and TA-Luft, S-3 pressure gauges can be combined with top valves in a fugitive design to form EMICO gauges.

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Fields of application, applications PGT23.063

  • security applications
  • obtaining and displaying process values
  • 4 … 20 mA output signal to transmit process values to the control room
  • easy-to-read, analogue on-site display that requires no external power supply


ELPRO designation: MAN-PGT23.063


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