IV20 shut-off and vent valve for WIKA pressure gauges


Šifra: IV20

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • low wear due to spindle tip in valve cover not turning
  • low torque and smooth valve lever action even at high pressure
  • increased safety thanks to the design of the valve against sudden failure
  • valve seat tested for leak tightness (BS6755/ISO 5208 level A)
  • various combinations of valves and instruments available to order



The IV20 Block-and-bleed valve for pressure gauges combines a block valve that separates the process from the measuring instrument (manometer, pressure transducer or pressure switch) and a bleed valve that allows the instrument to be safely vented before removal or zero-point control.

The non-rotating spindle tip reduces wear on the sealing elements, increasing their life (especially when opening and closing frequently). The design of the anti-sudden failure valve improves safety at work, especially in applications with high-pressure loads. Professional installation of valves and other accessories on pressure gauges is also included as an option. To ensure the complete system is operational, an additional leakage test shall be carried out at the time of installation.

There is also a version of the IV21, which differs from the IV20 only in shape.



The IV20 shut-off and vent valve for pressure gauges , together with the pressure gauges of the model 2xx.30 in the safety version and the pressure gauges of the models S-3 according to EN 837-1 (S3) respectively, constitute the WIKA pressure gauging system is the EMICO emission gauge that ensures the safety of people and the environment in critical processes.

The measuring instrument and the valve are connected by a lightweight swivel adapter with a special sealing packing. The system is leak tested in accordance with TA Luft (VDI 2440) for fugitive emissions. The EMICO system measures pressures from 0 to 420 bar or 6000 psi. In the event of a failure due to high overpressure, the S-3 safety version protects the user from injury.

The compact measuring system can be started up immediately after delivery. The free rotating swivel adapter allows 360° positioning of the display and easy disassembly of the measuring instrument (in case calibration is required). In accordance with ISO 15848-1 and TA-Luft, S-3 pressure gauges can be combined with top valves in a fugitive design to form EMICO gauges.

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Fields of application, applications IV20

  • switching off and venting the pressure gauge
  • for gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous, crystallising or in aggressive environments
  • Process industries: oil, gas, petrochemicals and chemicals, power generation, water and wastewater management


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