910.12 damper for WIKA pressure gauge


Šifra: 910.12

Po naročilu. Pošljite povpraševanje.

Dobavni rok: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • nominal pressures up to 400 bar
  • brass, steel or stainless steel
  • temperature range: -10 °C … +120 °C
  • suppressing pressure surges and pulsations in the medium



910.12 the pressure gauge damper is adjustable (change of cross flow) to the individual operating conditions. Adjustments can be made during operation if necessary.

Pulsations and surges in the medium pressure, which occur e.g. in compressors, steam machines, hydraulic presses, tensile test machines, etc., can be largely compensated for by this pressure gauge damper.The 910.12 provides a significant extension of the service life of pressure gauges and improves the accuracy of pressure gauge readings.


Fields of application, applications 910.12

  • stainless steel version for aggressive media, also in aggressive environments
  • Process industries: mechanical engineering, plant construction, chemical and petrochemical industries, power plants, mining, environmental technology


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