Bimetallic thermometers

Ideal for everyday use in HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), agriculture, wine, construction, food preparation and many more.
The temperature is measured by holding a bimetallic spiral in a stainless metal housing, which is directly connected to a long probe. When the probe detects a change in temperature, the bimetallic spiral unwinds or twists, and the temperature indicator fixed to it twists with it. Bimetallic tubular and bimetallic magnetic thermometers have a similar principle of operation. In these, the bimetallic spiral is placed as close as possible to the back of the thermometer. This gives very accurate temperature readings.
One of the advantages of bimetallic thermometers is that they are autonomous, as they do not require a battery or other power source to operate. This makes them all the more suitable for general use in a wide range of fields.



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