TGT70 expansion thermometer with electrical output signal WIKA


Šifra: TGT70

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • simple analogue indication
  • Nominal size in mm: 63, 100
  • Stainless steel housing and sensor
  • operating temperature range: -40 … +250 °C
  • electrical output signal: e.g. 4 … 20 mA



The WIKA TGT70 expansion thermometer with electrical output signal, stainless steel version, with or without capillary, is used in any location where the process temperature needs to be displayed locally and there is a need for simultaneous signal transmission to a central controller or remote control room.

By combining a mechanical measuring system with precise electronic signal processing, the process temperature on the TGT70 expansion thermometer can be read safely even if power is lost.

The Bourdon tube system built into the thermometer creates a rotational movement of the pointer proportional to the temperature. An electronic angle encoder (non-contact and therefore completely wear- and friction-free) determines the position of the instrument pointer. This produces an electrical output signal proportional to the temperature.

Areas of application, applications TGT70

  • General purpose instruments for gaseous, liquid and highly viscous media
  • refrigeration and air-conditioning applications
  • engineering and plant construction
  • energy, renewable energies
  • construction services


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