A46 bimetal thermometer for WIKA heating technology


Šifra: A46

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • reliable and cost-effective
  • measuring element: bimetallic coil
  • operating temperature range: -30 … +120 °C
  • Nominal size in mm: 50, 63, 80 and 100



The A46 bimetal thermometer for WIKA heating technology , special version, is mainly used in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment for process temperature monitoring.

A46 bimetallic thermometers are screwed with a protective sleeve (thermowell) in the appropriate application. On the one hand, this protects the instrument and, on the other hand, the measuring instrument can be replaced without first draining the heating circuit.


Fields of application, applications A46

  • heating systems
  • hot water tanks
  • solar energy systems
  • heat transfer stations



  • other measurement areas
  • specific scales
  • Glass display
  • special purpose products on request


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