TTU-GLA-030/MP industry temperature sensors; RTD with analogue or digital output


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  • in a protective housing (thermowell) made of stainless steel 1.4571 to EN/316 TI to ASTM
  • for temperatures from -250 °C to +850 °C (above 100 °C only if the connection head is at least 55 mm higher than the mounting point)
  • Class A standard (± 0,15 °C at 0 °C)
  • the recommended minimum installation length is 50 mm
  • industry standard
  • INOR measuring transducer, output 4 … 20 mA or 0 … 10 V


The TTU-GLA-030/MP with integrated transducer are versions for temperature measurement in industrial processes (liquids, gases, vacuum).

It is recommended to use an adjustable process connector (compression connector), which is fixed by creating a protective neck between the connector and the connection head (minimum 55 mm).

If a measuring transducer is installed in the connection head, the maximum permissible temperature at the connection head is 0 … 80 °C, without transducer 0 … 100 °C.


Transducers can also perform other tasks, such as:

  • cycle counting
  • control sensor error (sensor error )
  • system error
  • correction of sensor error (sensor error )
  • correction of system error
  • galvanic isolation
  • 50 point linearisation
  • HART
  • use in Ex zones
  • working in demanding work areas

… functions depending on the choice of transducer model


The measuring range and output of the transducer are user adjustable with
INOR software

  • new series of inverters allow configuration or setup with smartphones with NFC® (Near-field communication) reader and Bluetooth®


Choice of implementation

Select the desired design using the code list in the Documentation tab or simply call us on 02 62 96 720 or write to us on the Enquiry form and let us help you make your choice.

We have also prepared a set of very common versions for you: the TTU-GLA-030, which is also available in our online shop:


Benefits of industry versions

High accuracy, long life and stability. All this is achieved through strict quality control of materials and processes. INOR transducers have excellent stability over the years and are extremely reliable.


Thermowell version

Temperature sensors with protective housing or thermowell versions have a replaceable measuring cartridge inside for easy replacement or calibration without interrupting the process.

Thermowell is also possible with TTU-GLA-030/MP, but in a limited temperature range.

  • the thermowell itself can be additionally protected with PTFE or similar protection for aggressive media


The recommended minimum installation length (depth) is 10 times the outside diameter of the pipe.

  • may be shorter, but with an effect on the accuracy of the measurement


The dimpled version is chosen for faster air temperature measurements (ventilation), while the tapered tip is used where very fast measurements are required.

The connection head incorporates a measuring transducer with analogue or digital output, most commonly 4 … 20 mA or 0 … 10 V, also with HART.


The TTU-GLA-030/MP can be in Ex or ON SITE CAL versions for calibration directly in the production process. All temperature sensors can also be ordered with accredited certification or with verification in the desired range only, and all can be custom-made.


TTU-GLA-030/MP in ON SITE CAL and EX versions

For calibration directly in the production process, we produce the TTU-GLA-030/MP in ON SITE version.

For use in EX rooms/areas, we manufacture/supply the ATEX-certified TTU-GLA-030/MP (zone 2 with EX transducer, zone 0 and 1 with additional barrier).


Temperature sensors can be calibrated after manufacture to provide you with
accredited calibration certificate.



All temperature sensors can be made to your specifications and requirements. The most common designs are presented on the website, but in practice, production is mainly made to order.

Call or email us and we will help you determine/choose the most suitable implementation for you based on your process requirements.

Standard delivery time is 3 working days, but other options include
urgent deliveries within 24 hours (emergency).


TTU-GLA-030/MP industry temperature sensors have a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and are made in Slovenia. INOR transducers come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and are made in Sweden.


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