Resistive temperature sensors (RTD) industry

The Industry line are RTD temperature sensors for use in industrial environments. These are the most common sensors for general industrial use. They are characterised by their robustness, durability, excellent stability, excellent accuracy and long service life. They are also often calibrated or at least checked regularly, as they carry key temperature processes in industry. They are upgraded with ON SITE CAL sensors, which, in addition to their general use, allow on-site calibration without interrupting the process.
In industrial environments, a protective housing called thermowell is often used. Thermowell is the protective housing of a temperature sensor that protects the sensor from high pressure, increased flow, corrosion from chemicals, etc. Thermowell therefore protects the sensor from adverse influences, extends the lifetime and stability of the sensor and allows the sensor to be replaced without the need to drain the system. In practice, we are talking about a version with a measuring insert. There are three basic forms of thermowells:

tapered design (fast response time, strong performance, high tractive force)
flat shape (poorer response time, strong design, high tractive force)
narrower design (fast response time, less powerful design, low tractive force)

Thermowell can be made in one piece (solid) or welded in several pieces (welded).