TT-MIMS-080 temperature sensor, sheathed with connection head type J


Šifra: TT-MIMS-080

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Delivery time: 3 working days or urgent

  • measuring element: TC or RTD
  • number of elements in the design: 1, 2 or 3
  • Installation length: x (mm)
  • length of free ends: 20 mm or x (mm)
  • sheathed thermocouple diameter: 6 mm or x (see Description)
  • the most common use is indicated in bold



TT-MIMS-080 industry temperature sensors are MIMS (Mineral Insulated Metal Sheathed) or sheathed temperature sensors with type J connection head. They are also called mineral insulated cable temperature sensors. Wired because the main characteristic of a MIMS temperature sensor is flexibility. Sensors often come in small diameters and large lengths and as such can be wound into a reel (like a cable).

The series combines thermocouple (TC) and resistive (RTD) versions. Depending on the requirements, the user selects the type of measuring element, diameter, length and others via a coding table.

MIMS thermocouples are standardised in EN 61515. They offer great flexibility (fit for purpose) at an affordable price.


TT-MIMS-080 version with type J connection head means that the user is provided with a ready-to-use wired outlet at the terminals in the connection head. At the base, a seal (up to 100 °C or 350 °C) is made in the head to protect the highly hygroscopic core from the ingress of moisture from the surroundings. The mineral insulated core, while having many advantages, causes a problem in processing as the MIMS element can only be open for an extremely short time (up to 20 s) to prevent the ingress of moisture from the atmosphere and the bonding with the hygroscopic core. If moisture intrudes, the element is permanently damaged and cannot be saved by drying (forced drying makes the situation worse and “kills” the moisture deeper into the element). The control measurement of such an element no longer shows infinite resistance at manufacture. The differences between manufacturers in this segment are huge, so there are many bad and many good versions on the market. Unfortunately, all this makes the choice more difficult for the customer, so it is perhaps more important to know the manufacturer and its technology when using MIMS temperature sensors than with other elements.


The MIMS temperature sensors have the advantage of flexibility, large temperature ranges, large diameter ranges and an extremely wide range of applications. They are the most commonly used elements in measurement technology in general use.

At the expense of good properties, we face more difficult processing (producers are specialising). Process-intensive and correct manufacturing results in specified accuracy and retention of properties over time, while poorer manufacturing results in poorer accuracy, higher drift and shorter lifetime. The latter two parameters are strongly dependent on the manufacture of the temperature sensor (and in this series also on the user), on the purity of the MgO insulation and on the production, transport, storage and processing of the material. This is why there are also greater differences in market prices in this segment, as manufacturers can go from almost zero attention to maximum attention and this is then passed on in the price because the intermediate steps are time consuming (sealing, tempering, proper storage and processing time window, small batch processing, increased control measurements during processing, special sealing materials, cleaning, etc.). Therefore, it is reasonable for the user to indicate at the time of enquiry whether they have a very simple application (e.g. only short-term measurements, application complexity, etc.) as well as if they have a very demanding application (measuring equipment, test measurements, low or high temperatures), as the manufacturer can adapt the manufacturing process to the optimum application.


What is MIMS?

MIMS: Mineral Insulated Metal-Sheathed; standard: EN 61515. Also often referred to as “MI cable”, mineral insulated cable.

Mineral insulated cable is a type of flexible metal cable used in the manufacture of temperature sensors or as a high-temperature connection between them. It is also known as a mineral insulated metal jacket, or MIMS for short.

The mineral insulated cable is made of a seamless metal tube tightly filled with magnesium oxide (MgO) powder.

The sensor or thermocouple wires run through a metal tube, and magnesium oxide (MgO) powder keeps these wires insulated and separated.


Properties of MIMS or “sheathed” temperature sensors (depending on outer diameter):

  • exceptional flexibility
  • high temperature range between -200 °C and 1100 °C (we recommend consulting an expert for the most suitable choice)
  • excellent resistance to harsh working conditions (virtually flame retardant even at high temperatures; oxidation resistant, corrosion resistant, suitable for radioactive areas)
  • Suitable for temperature cycling (call an expert for advice on choosing the type of element)
  • easy changeover during the production process (no preheating required)
  • flexibility of designs and connection elements
  • versions: single, double and triple element
  • fast response time
  • variety of diameters. Most common in single element: 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 6.0 mm, 8.0 mm (less common: 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 2.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 9.5 mm and others as standard)
  • Industrial applications: all furnaces, kilns, brick kilns, quenching, medical, aeronautics and automotive (CQI directives)
  • metrology: parts of measuring equipment
  • safety-specific applications: nuclear industry, medical devices, energy installations, oil platforms

Due to their flexibility and versatility, MIMS temperature sensors, and in particular MIMS thermocouples, are becoming widely used in both industrial and non-industrial environments. Often these are temperature sensors for portable measuring equipment, with miniature connectors for plugging into the instrument or terminal boards (panels). They are also used as reference temperature sensors in ON SITE versions.

Thermocouples are subject to accuracy classes according to SIST EN 60584-1 and colour codes and cables according to SIST EN 60584-3.


TT-MIMS-080 features

  • thin versions are particularly suitable for very fast measurements (0.5 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm)
  • standard diameters are 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 6.0 mm and 8.0 mm
  • thermocouples available in Class 1 and Class 2 (we hold standard Class 1 stock)
  • different types of thermocouples: K, J, T, N, E
  • other thermocouples, but outside the definitions of EN 61515 (S, R, L …)
  • different sensor types: Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000
  • Connecting head: type J
  • different types of sheaths (most common Inconel 600, 1.4541, 1.4571 …)
  • low-cost designs



In the case of cable extensions for thermocouples, use only the compensating cable, connectors and electrical terminals of the same type! All also available from us as accessories.


Choice of implementation

Select the desired implementation via the code list in the Documentation tab, or call us on 02 62 96 720 or write to us on the Enquiry form and let us help you make your choice. The correct choice of MIMS or sheathed temperature sensors is very important depending on the application and the conditions of use. Let our experience help you.

We recommend a mounting length of at least ten times (10x) the pipe diameter, shorter lengths have a negative effect on the accuracy of the measurement. The sensor can also be available in Ex version or in combination with a DIN rail transducer.


Benefits of industry versions

For manufacturers, making temperature sensors from MIMS materials is one of the most challenging. If not manufactured correctly, temperature sensor manufacturers can severely compromise positive features such as insulation resistance, accuracy, longevity and stability. These processes are therefore subject to stricter and tailored guidance. All this is achieved through a precisely managed and controlled manufacturing process, with strict quality control of the materials in and out.

In some places, MIMS temperature sensors are also used as consumables – e.g. melting, etc. Metalworking processes (foundries) where they “dissolve” and users do not pay attention to the quality of the incoming thermocouples. In these cases, simplified designs may be produced.



All temperature sensors can also be ordered with an accredited certificate or with verification in the desired range only. All can also be ordered made-to-measure.


Custom temperature sensor

All temperature sensors can be made to your specifications and requirements. The most common designs are presented on the website, but in practice, production is mainly made to order. Call or email us and we will help you determine/choose the most suitable implementation for you based on your process requirements. Standard delivery time is 3 working days, urgent deliveries within 24 hours (emergency) are possible.


TT-MIMS in EX version

For use in EX rooms/areas, we manufacture/supply TT-MIMS
ATEX certified
(Zone 2 with EX transducer, Zone 0 and 1 with additional barrier). These versions have a longer delivery time, usually 2-4 weeks.


How to order a sensor?

From the Inquiry box, please send your requirements, specifying the operating temperature, the desired dimensions and the intended use. Don’t forget your phone number and email address. We will call you to confirm your offer before implementation. NO WORries: we won’t do anything without your prior approval.


Previous designations

O370 1002; O370 1003; O370 1004; O370 1004; O370 1005; O370 1006; O370 1007; O370 1008; O370 2002: O370 2003; O370 2004; O370 2005; O370 2006; O370 2007; O370 2008; O370 3000: O370 3001; O370 3002; O370 3003; O370 3004; O370 3005; O370 3006; O370 3007; O370 3008; O370 4002; O370 4003; O370 4004; O370 4005; O370 4006; O370 4007; O370 4008; O370 5000: O370 5001; O370 5002; O370 5003; O370 6000; O370 6001; O370 6002; O370 6003; O370 7001; O370 7002; O370 7003


Other designations: TT-MIMS_080, TT-MIMS 80, TTMIMS-080, TT-OPL


TT-MIMS-080 industry temperature sensors, MIMS have a 2-year manufacturer’ s warranty and are made in Slovenia.


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