Temperature sensors for the MIMS industry

MIMS (Mineral Insulated Metal Sheathed) temperature sensors or sheathed temperature sensors or cable mineral insulated temperature sensors or “MI cable”, mineral insulated cable. Cable based in construction and because the main characteristic of a MIMS temperature sensor is flexibility, sensors often come in small diameters and large lengths and as such can be wound into a reel (like a cable).
MIMS are standardised versions of thermocouples according to EN 61515 for thermocouples (TC). Versions are also available as standard for some thermocouple types not covered by the standard and resistive versions (RTD). The user selects the type of measuring element, diameter, length and others via a coding table.
MIMS offer great flexibility for fit for purpose, at an affordable price.
The MIMS temperature sensors have the advantage of flexibility, large temperature ranges, large diameter ranges and an extremely wide range of applications. They are the most commonly used elements in measurement technology in general use.



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