EMC 2014/30/EU regulates the electromagnetic compatibility of equipment.

The purpose of directives on electromagnetic compatibility must ensure, that all electrical and electronic equipment is as safe as possible oils reduced emissions electromagnetic interference, that may affect other equipment. The Directive also request, that bgo to equipment resistant to interference from other equipment.

It applies to electrical and electronic equipment. Especially the one that may cause electromagnetic interference or whose operation may be affected by interference, caused by other sources. Alsoapplies to systems and installations, containing electrical and/oror electronic equipment and components.

Defined by obligation accommodation the tag CE.

Installations must be sited in accordancewith the rules of industrial Engineering. Inorder to meet all the conditions for the protection of set out in the Directive, they must comply with thefollowingd regulations on the intendeduse of their constituent parts.

Products is be betested in accordance with therelevant international standards, to check their compliance with the requirements.
Introducing Ebro data loggers to ensure you comply with the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU.



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