532.54 Absolute pressure gauge for high safety against overloading WIKA


Šifra: MAN-532.54

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  • high safety over pressure
  • meters compatible with switch contacts
  • scale ranges from 0… 25 mbar absolute pressure
  • long life due to the sealing of the metal media chamber
  • media chamber protected against unauthorised intervention, DT-GM 86 08 176




The 532.54 WIKA High Safety Absolute Pressure Gauge is used for pressure measurement of gaseous and liquid media.

Absolute pressure is the pressure that is compared to zero pressure in an empty, airless universe. This reference pressure is the ideal or absolute vacuum. Signed “abs”: Pabs.

The difference between absolute pressure gauges and conventional pressure gauges is best described in the WIKA article Difference between gauge pressure and absolute pressure measurement


Features 532.54

  • Design: DIN 16002
  • Nominal size in mm: 100, 160
  • Accuracy class:
    • Model 532.54: 2.5
    • Measurement accuracy is guaranteed for external pressure fluctuations between 955 and 1,065 mbar (min. and max. atmospheric pressure).
  • Scale range:
    • 0 … 25 mbar to 0 … 25 bar absolute pressure
  • Pressure limit:
    • Continuous: full scale value
    • Niha: 0.9 x total scale value
  • Safety against overload
    • Minimum 1 bar absolute pressure (atmospheric pressure), plus 10 x full scale value, max. absolute pressure 25 bar
  • Permitted temperature
    • Environment: -20 °C … +60 °C
    • Medium: maximum +100 °C
  • Effect of temperature
    • When the temperature of the measuring system deviates from the reference temperature (+20 °C): max. ± 0.8 % / 10 K of full scale value
  • Protection against intrusion
    • IP54 to IEC / EN 60529


Areas of use, applications

  • vacuum pump control
  • control of vacuum packaging machines
  • pressure measurement independent of atmospheric pressure fluctuations
  • for gaseous, liquid and aggressive media, also in aggressive environments
  • monitoring condensation pressures and determining the vapour pressure of liquids


To view additional options and more technical features, we recommend viewing the attached pdfs. documents under the Documentation section.

ELPRO designation: MAN-532.54


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