WIKA pressure gauges

WIKA Pressure Gauges (mechanical instruments for pressure measurement)
A wide range of pressure gauges with Bourdon tube, diaphragm element and capsule element technologies are available. Standard Bourdon tube pressure gauges, suitable for liquid or gaseous media, have a measuring range of 0.6 … 1000 bar.
WIKA pressure gauges covering absolute and differential pressure are proven to provide optimal solutions in the widest range of applications. They cover ranges from 0 … 0.5 mbar to 0 … 6 000 bar, with an accuracy of 0.1%. Pressure elements made of copper alloys, stainless steel or special materials are available for different requirements in industrial and process instrumentation.
The programme also includes digital pressure gauges that display the current pressure on an integrated digital display. They are intended for general industrial use in testing and calibration. The display housings of our digital pressure gauges are rotatable when needed, ensuring good readability at all times. In addition, self-powered (Ex) versions and instruments with a wireless interface are available.



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