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Chimney sweeping equipment for a trouble-free heating season

Introducing a range of indispensable flue gas analysers, inspection cameras, leak testers and other must-haves for every chimney sweep, as part of the sales programme of our renowned and technologically advanced partners in Germany.

The heating season is almost upon us, and so is the time for chimney sweeps to become the real heroes of our homes. Your work is vital to ensure the safe and efficient operation of our heating systems. But how can we make your job easier and help you do your job more efficiently?

ELPRO LEPENIK has all the solutions you need in one place – innovative and functional chimney equipment and the support you need.


Whether you need equipment for measuring, inspecting or cleaning your chimneys, HERE WE ARE FOR YOU!

In cooperation with our long-standing, world-renowned partners in the field, we offer a wide range of solutions from our product range for chimney sweeps and all those who inspect and monitor flues and combustion appliances.that will simplify your work, improve quality and efficiency, optimise total cost of ownership and, as a result, ensure a high level of safety in your heating systems.

Wöhler – efficient and advanced solutions for the chimney industry

When it comes to measuring, inspecting and cleaning chimneys, our German partner Wöhler is an indispensable link. Their equipment is reliable, innovative and designed to meet all the needs of chimney sweeps during the heating season.


Wöhler’ s wide range of products includes flue gas analysers, dew point indicators and leak testers. Ensure accurate measurements and identify potential problems before they become serious.

Flue gas analysers: are a key tool for chimney sweeps and heating systems. They can accurately measure the composition of the flue gases, allowing you to assess the combustion efficiency and identify any problems in the heating system. Measuring the concentrations of different gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2) and other impurities allows you to take appropriate measures to improve the performance of your heating system and reduce pollution.

A 550 analizator dimnih plinov, Wöhler

  • senzorji: možen priklop do petih senzorjev
  • možne meritve: O2, COv, CO2NDIR, NOv, saje, T tekočega plina, SO2, H2S, dif. tlak
  • temperatura delovanja: 5 … 40 °C
  • napajanje: 3.7 V baterija, 6.700 mAh, preko USB
  • komunikacija: Wireless LAN, IR (infrardeča), USB
  • čas delovanja baterije: 7 ur

A 550 industrijski analizator dimnih plinov, Wöhler

  • napajanje: litij-ionska polnilna baterija 3.7 V/6.700 mAh, polni se preko USB
  • čas delovanja baterije: pribl. 7 h
  • temperatura skladiščenja: -20 … 50 °C
  • delovna temperatura: 5 … 40 °C
  • dolžina kabelske cevi: 3 m

A 450 analizator dimnih plinov Wöhler

  • senzorji: možen priklop do treh senzorjev
  • možne meritve: O2, COv, NOv, saje, T tekočega plina
  • temperatura delovanja
  • napajanje: zamenljiva litijeva baterija 3.7 V, 2250 mAh, možnost napajanja preko USB
  • komunikacija: Wireless LAN, IR (infrardeča), USB
  • čas delovanja baterije: 6 ur (odvisno od modela tudi do 17 ur)

Dew point indicator: is essential to prevent condensation of flue gases inside the chimney. When flue gases cool, they can condense and form harmful moisture that can cause corrosion and damage to the chimney. The dew point indicator helps chimney sweeps to determine whether the conditions in the chimney are suitable to prevent condensation problems.

TI 410 indikator točke rosišča WÖHLER


  • ločljivost: 0.1 °C
  • točnost: 0.1 °C
  • ohišja: 12 x 6 x 2.5 cm
  • flexarm: 30 cm
  • senzorska plošča: 1 x 3 cm
teža: 200 g napajanje: 9 V blok baterija

Leak tester: is an indispensable tool for checking the leak tightness of a chimney. Leaks in the flue ducts can cause flue gases and carbon monoxide to escape into the room, which is extremely dangerous to human health and can even cause fires. The leak tester allows you to detect potential leakage problems, so you can take the necessary remedial action in time – for the safety and efficiency of your heating system.

DP 600 tester puščanja Wöhler

  • tlak: merilno območje: ±7.000 Pa
  • prostorninski pretok (brez adapterja): merilno območje: 0 … 200 Nm³/h
  • prostorninski pretok (z adapterjem 3.0): merilno območje: 0 … 10 Nm³/h
  • prostorninski pretok (z adapterjem 0.3): merilno območje: 0.10 … 18 NL/min
  • napajanje: 110 … 230 V, 50 … 60 Hz


With the help of video inspection cameras and mirrors, you will be able to easily detect any obstructions or damage to the flue or chimney. Detecting problems early can prevent serious problems.

Video inspection cameras: allow a detailed examination of the inside of the chimney, including those parts that are difficult to access. This tool can detect cracks, damage, soot build-up, deposits or other problems that could hinder the proper functioning of the chimney. By checking in time, you can prevent potential problems and reduce the risk of fire or flue gas leaks.

VIS 300 / 350 video pregledovalna kamera Wöhler

  • zaslon TFT: format 7″/16:9
  • video-izhod: FBAS-signal
  • teža: 400 g
  • napajanje: prostor za 2 polnilni bateriji ali prek napajalnika
  • čas delovanja baterije: 4 h

VIS 200 / 250 video pregledovalna kamera Wöhler

  • zaslon: TFT 7“/16:9 Format
  • izhodni video signal: FBAS
  • teža: 400 g
  • napajanje: prostor za 2 akumulatorski bateriji NiMH ali prek napajalnika
  • čas delovanja baterije: do 4 h

VIS 500 pregledovalna kamera Wöhler

  • modularni sistem
  • optika pomika 360° in nagiba 180°
  • elektronski prikaz položaja in kota glave kamere na zaslonu
  • home funkcija za poravnavo glave kamere v ravni legi
  • svetlobna in upogljiva vrtljiva/vrtljiva glava kamere
  • visoko svetla in upogljiva miniaturna glava kamere
  • ročno upravljanje LED osvetlitve
  • integriran oddajnik v glavi kamere za lociranje z lokatorjem Wöhler L 200

VIS 700 HD-video pregledovalna kamera Wöhler

  • resolucija monitorja: 1280 x 800 px
  • čas delovanja: 4 ure
  • dolžina spustnega (mehkega) kabla: 20 m/elektronski števec (možnost podaljševanja)
  • dimenzije: 18 x 44 x 50 cm
  • teža: 10 kg

Mirrors: they are a simple but very effective tool for chimney inspection. They allow you to see even the smallest details and hard-to-reach parts of the chimney. They can help you quickly identify potential anomalies and problems, helping you to troubleshoot problems faster and more efficiently and ensure the safety of your heating system.

Stekleno ogledalo Wöhler

  • ščitnik za rob iz aluminija
  • pon in nagib
  • teleskopski ročaj
  • enostavna zamenjava


Quality brushes and brushes are available for effective removal of soot and smoke residues to give your customers a worry-free burning experience.

Ecom – Flue gas analysers for demanding tasks

Our German partner Ecom Industries offers compact and robust flue gas analysers that have already conquered the industry. With longer continuous battery life and outstanding durability, Ecom flue gas analysers are the right choice for demanding tasks.

ELPRO BEAUTY – Annual inspection of flue gas analysers

At ELPRO LEPENIK we understand how important it is to keep your equipment in excellent condition. That’s why we have prepared annual review of flue gas analysers, which covers a comprehensive overview of all functions. Our experts in the department Service/technical support will check:

  • the correct functioning of the flue gas analyser,
  • sealing the gas extraction probe,
  • trailers,
  • probe heating when measuring sootiness,
  • the operation of the pump, sensors and condensate drainage system,
  • battery status,


For us, the safety and efficiency of our chimney sweeps is paramount. With our partners and comprehensive solutions, you’ll be ready for the challenging heating season ahead.
Together, we will ensure the warmth and safety of your customers.

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