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At ELPRO Lepenik we offer you an annual check of your flue gas analysers from ecom . You are welcome to take a look at our analyser sales programme to purchase a new analyser, or the Wöhler programme to purchase a camera and other chimney accessories.

The inspection covers a complete overview of all the functions of the appliance:
  • checking that the appliance is working properly,
  • checking that the gas extraction probe is leak-tight,
  • checking connections and greasing,
  • checking the probe heating when measuring sootiness1,
  • checking the pump,
  • checking sensors,
  • checking the condensate drainage system1,
  • checking and charging the battery,
  • calibration of the temperature probe,
  • calibration of sensors with certified test gases,
  • issuing a calibration certificate according to the manufacturer’s protocol2

1 for models that have it 2 recommended

flue gas analyser servicing

How to arrange an annual review?

  • Deliver your analyser to our address:

ELPRO Lepenik & Co. d.o.o.
Ob gozdu 7c, Rogoza
2204 Miklavž na Dravskem polju

opening hours: 7.00-15.00 (possible outside – please call)

  • Please fill in the following form upon delivery/shipment:

Thank you for your trust!

Author Rok Samec
September 2020

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