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Wöhler HD-Video-Endoscopes

ELPRO LEPENIK introduces video endoscopes from our German partner Wöhler with a wide range of applications, waterproof HD probes, push-button page changes, excellent graphics, connectivity and functionality.

With the small, lightweight Wöhler VE endoscope, nothing remains hidden. Even through the smallest openings, you get a perfect view into every corner. The Wöhler endoscope protects against unpleasant surprises with a fast and high-quality examination.

Three endoscopes with a wide range of applications to match a wide range of waterproof HD probes, from the miniature Ø 3.9 mm probe to the 3 m long Ø 25 mm probe for examining waste water pipes. At the touch of a button, you can even reverse the viewing direction of the probes (Ø 5.5 mm and Ø 25 mm) by 90°. And best of all: all Wöhler VE 320 and VE 400 endoscope probes are compatible. Choosing the right endoscope depends on the type of work you do.

When checking with Wöhler VE 220 , use your tablet or smartphone as a display. The endoscope transmits imaging data over a WLAN network. Of course, you can save the images and videos on your end device and download them from there. If you prefer an endoscope with its own display, the Wöhler VE 320 or VE 400 are exactly what you need. Here, images and videos are displayed directly on a large colour screen. The screen can even be rotated at the touch of a button. On the Wöhler VE 320, image files are stored on the SD memory card in HD-ready quality, and on the Wöhler VE 400 even in FULL HD resolution.

Be impressed by the following useful features and use cases:

FunctionVE 220VE 320VE 400
small apertures from Ø 6 mm onwards*
Pre-installations, drains, drain pipes
Fireplaces, combustion chambers, fittings
Vents, fire dampers
Allows for additional equipment
endoscopic probeØ 3.9 mm, 1 m
endoscopic probeØ 5.5 mm, 1.2 m
endoscopic probeØ 5.5 mm, 1 m, 0°/90°
endoscopic probeØ 6.2 mm, 1.5 m, 180°
endoscopic probeØ 7.9 mm, 10 m, 180°
endoscopic probeØ 8.5 mm, 1.2 m
endoscopic probeØ 8.5 mm, 3 m, 0°/90°
endoscopic probeØ 9 mm, 3 m
endoscopic probeØ 25 mm, 3 m
endoscopic probeØ 25 mm, 5 m, 180°, with guide
extension cable1,5 m
protective pouch
magnetic holder


facilitated byunfortunately does not allowonly with a special probe

Possible endoscope uses and applications:

  • inaccessible cavities through the smallest openings,
  • Pre-wall installations, drains, downpipes, fireplaces, combustion chambers, fittings,
  • inspection openings and fire dampers.

Wöhler VE endoscope in operation:

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Author Barbara Čičak, August 2023

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