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ECommunication for flue gas analysers

ECOM flue gas analyser helps you to identify faults in your heating system pump

ECommunication for flue gas analysers
In the past months of the Corona crisis, heroes were everywhere, giving us hope every day through their heroic actions. We see heroic acts on a smaller and larger scale. In private and public life. Logistically and, above all, in the health sector. Although not comparable to the above, we find that heating installation and service providers are also among the heroes. During the cold months, they make sure that we have working heating and hot water at home and at work – even though they are inevitably exposed to a potential risk of infection every day. Based on the above, our partner COMET System has launched an advertising campaign – HEROES IN EVERYDAY LIFE.


1. EN3 compact flue gas analyser for heating:

Update software settings

2. J2KNpro – powerful exhaust gas analyser with radio remote control:

Update of the basic module

3. J2KNpro:

Control module update

4. J2KNpro TECH – Mobile Emission Measurement – combined of four measurement methods

New 3-gas UV module for NO, NO2, SO2

5. Data transfer:

Wi-Fi access



  • Basic maintenance of the heating system does not include a thorough check of the gas pump, regardless of whether it has been overloaded or how many times it may have been overloaded.
  • This does not give us the insight we need to address potential errors.
  • Typically, the pump is overloaded due to the connecting gas bottle being filled with condensate. In this case, the pump is heavier, especially when the filter is saturated.

The ECOM solution:

  • The “Pump Capacity” error message can be found in the instrument’s error history and can be printed in paper format.
  • The technician can read the notice immediately while carrying out a routine service check.
  • The pump fault message readout available with this update provides useful information at the time of the service check.
  • It is of paramount importance in the timely identification and preventive repair of any defects/faults that might otherwise occur shortly after the instrument has been handed over to its owner.
  • The solution is implemented from serial number EN3N-2330 onwards.


The update of the existing ecom-J2KN pro is of particular interest for those units that have the possibility to be connected to a heating test system (SBK2).



An update of particular interest for those units that have the possibility to connect to a test heating system.

Reason for change:

  • the target temperature of the heated system can be entered in the service menu – provided that the software version programmed in the basic module is version V5.5, dated 10. from June 2020 onwards;
  • implemented from serial number: J2KN-12709 onwards.


Following the successful implementation of the 2-gas module for NO2 and SO2, the powerful and highly accurate UV technology available for the ecom-J2KNpro TECH model is now complemented. The extension concerns a new, compact 3-gas combination bench for industrial use.

To measure:

  • all three gases NO, NO2 and SO2;
  • in the range 0-300 (2000) ppm;
  • with a relative uncertainty of ± 1 % over the whole range;
  • with an absolute value of ± 3 ppm – the higher value predominates.


  • Wi-Fi data transfer;
  • a module that meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs;
  • the possibility of interruption without replacement and alternatives to the supplier;
  • Wi-Fi V3 module for use as a direct accessory (instead of basic BLE) or as an accessory.

In both cases, for correct operation, the analyser must be programmed with the version specified in the application – ECOMmunication for flue gas analysers, which can be found at the following link link .

Author Katarina Žunko, source ECOM: ”Ecommunication”; 08/2020
December 2020

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