Industrial tablets and phones

Rugged computers, versatile handhelds, compact smartphones and tablets are
from the ALGIZ tablet and NAUTIZ phone series.

HANHELD industrial tablets and phones are designed for heavy environments and rough industrial conditions.
They offer complete computer support and are fully adapted for field work.
Mounts for securing and stabilising a field computer in a vehicle, on a charging station, with or without a lock; adapters for fixed wire connection; dual chargers; palm-mount holders, wristbands; scanning holders; protective carrying cases, carrying bags, shoulder mounts; passive capacitive pen,…
It is part of a high quality and diverse range of accessories for industrial computers.
You can complete your series, upgrade the quality of your work and increase productivity with ergonomically friendly accessories.
HANDHELD industrial tablets and phones, together with accessories, offer a complete solution tailored for high-quality, productive field work and ergonomic user-friendliness.