Industrial plates

HANDHELD rugged industrial field tablets offer complete computer support and are perfectly adapted for field work.
All ALGIZ plates have an IP of at least 65.
Industrial plates from our range:
The ALGIZ 8X field computer is ideal for use in harsh environments such as construction sites, forests and factories thanks to its IP 65 protection and MIL-STD-810G testing . Also suitable for use in maintenance, field work and logistics. It is a smaller version of the ALGIZ 10X field computer.
The ALGIZ 10X field computer has a screen designed to be easy to read in all conditions. The possibility to connect an external antenna allows a high degree of mobility and connectivity to multiple satellites.
The ALGIZ RT8 is a rugged tablet with Android operating system to increase efficiency in the field. Durability and performance allow you to work smoothly without interruptions. The screen is designed to have a variety of tools, additional applications built in.