Industrial scanners and printers

Industrial scanners offer scanning that can be implemented anywhere, anytime. They offer solutions for tight spaces, for spot scanning, for fast scanning, for scanning in demanding working conditions. HANDHELD’s SP500X scanner also has an integrated printer. Scanners and printers are designed to fit the ergonomics of the user. Use can be hands-free.

HANHELD scanners, printers

The RS60 thimble scanner allows hands-free scanning. It’s great works well for intensive scanning, where the power is optimised to maximise productivity. The reader connects to the mobile computer via the u thumb scanner in the system Android. It is possible to Scan barcode or touch NFC for targeting the couple appropriately. Thanks to integration BT class 1, the connection can be maintained with devices at a distance of up to 100 m.
The SP500X scanner and printer makesscanning and printing fast and easy. Patented technology eliminates the use of paper. Ituses advanced technology and has a high efficiency – it performs over 1250 scans and prints per hour. Scan-to-print time is 2 sec. The lithium battery provides 6,000 scans and prints per charge and can be replaced during operation. Integration with your existing IT base is easy and WI-fi compatible.