Industrial telephones

Rugged computers, versatile handhelds, compact smartphonesindustrial phones, that’s how HANDHELD describes the NAUTIZ series.
NAUTIZ industrial phones are designed to, Yes are resilient at heavy environments and coarse industrial conditions.
They offer complete computer support and are fully adapted for field work.
NAUTIZ X2 is a multifunctional computer optimised for transport mobility; all in one: computer, scanner, camera, phone.
NAUTIZ X41 is equipped with 1D or 2D scanner, 8 Mpixel camera, NFC, large memory and 23 physical keys.
The NAUTIZ X6 features functionality of the tablet of the and the performance of of the rugged handheld ofthe computer.
NAUTIZ X8 is ergonomically designed and features a high-capacity touchscreen.
NAUTIZ X9 is a data collector or industrial telephone with a robust housing.