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Real-time monitoring for the medical cannabis industry

In 2017, cannabis-derived medicines were legalized in Slovenia and can now be prescribed for various health problems. The use of the whole, unprocessed cannabis plant or its essential extracts is called medical cannabis. Its production determines its “health” and the usefulness of the active ingredients it contains.

How can medical cannabis be a helpful medicine?

HC and CBD are the main components of the cannabis plant that are of medicinal importance. THC can improve appetite and reduce nausea, and help reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling; CBD oil may be useful in reducing pain and inflammation, as well as in regulating seizures and potentially some mental illnesses.

Source: Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Industrial hemp production – how does environmental monitoring help?

Maintaining ideal environmental conditions that support the cultivation of cannabis with good growth and development is not easy to achieve. Humidity, temperature, light and CO2 levels in the greenhouse are crucial for preventing plant diseases and promoting healthy and vigorous plant growth. The Swiss company and our long-standing partner Rotronic provide a proven real-time continuous environmental monitoring system that measures all these parameters with live alarms – the Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS).

The great advantage of the RMS is its large array of sensors that continuously measure different parameters. Its easy-to-use design allows you to start with one measurement and build on it. Most often, we start with basic parameters, which are later upgraded if the user so wishes. The entire database is stored in the cloud, which can be accessed at any time by simply connecting to the internet and logging in to your account. Local installation is also possible.

Third-party devices can also be connected to the RMS monitoring system, which makes it very interesting for users who already use certain parameter monitoring solutions.

The RMS system, with which we have a lot of positive experience at ELPRO LEPENIK, is implemented into the process at the user’s request. So far, all our solutions in Slovenia have been cloud-based. In this context, we offer you expert solutions in measurement, monitoring, and calibration.

RMS is an advanced, modular control system with all data securely available via any device, anywhere. RMS provides users with the data they need, in the format they need, with comprehensive reporting and configurable alarms. RMS supports existing hardware and is compatible with other software/hardware platforms. RMS can be provided as a hosted cloud service or using a standard license, where the client installs the system on its own servers (local or cloud).

Image: RMS monitoring system

The main features of an RMS system:

  • Automatic report creation
  • Monitor multiple locations on one system from anywhere
  • Scalability – perfect for small and large installations
  • Designed for Rotronic devices and third-party sensors
  • Receive alerts via interactive phone, text message, and email
  • Hosting option on the customer’s site or with Rotronic
  • Creating customized dashboards and setting them up per user
  • Defining different user roles and capabilities
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP compliance

RMS is used for a variety of applications:

  • growth
  • drying
  • storage
  • pruning
  • extraction and encapsulation
  • indoor air quality
  • fridges and freezers
  • laboratory controls
  • vault and door lock

It allows different types of measurements:

  • humidity and temperature
  • C02
  • differential pressure
  • counting particles
  • light (lumens, PAR, lux, etc. )
  • pH
  • soil moisture
  • water quality
  • webcams (images)

For many medical cannabis users, choosing the right monitoring products is very significant, as it allows them to better control their cannabis “health”. To help you make this choice, we have put together a selection of the products most commonly used in monitoring medical cannabis production.

Temperature and humidity
  • RMS-LOG-L-D data logger with display
  • RMS-LOG data logger (specifically RMS-LOG-868)
  • RMS-MLOG wireless mini data logger (specifically RMS-MLOG-T-868)
  • RMS-GW GATEWAY interface (specifically RMS-GW-868)
Image: RMS-LOG-L-D
Image: RMS-LOG
Image: RMS-GW
Differential pressure
  • PCD-S differential pressure sensor
Image: PCD-S
Image: CCD-S
Water activity
  • HygroLab laboratory instrument for measuring water activity
  • HP23-AW-A portable water activity analyzer 
Image: HygroLab
Image: HP23-AW-A

If you are facing similar challenges in the field of hemp cultivation or if you need solutions in the field of monitoring, we invite you to CONTACT us. Our team of experts is ready to work with you, understand your specific needs and develop tailor-made solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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For opinions and explanations, they are always available:

expert in the field of Rotronic products: Rok Samec

measurement expert: Zoran Lepenik

Mojca Kugler, source: Real-time monitoring for the medical cannabis industry, Rotronic

June 2023

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