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Asphalt temperature measurements

The use of asphalt is most widespread in the construction industry, especially in the construction and maintenance of road surfaces. To achieve optimal quality and durability of the asphalt coating, it is essential to observe the correct temperature of the asphalt. Asphalt temperature plays a key role in ensuring adequate mechanical properties, binding, and durability of road surfaces. Therefore, temperature measurements are extremely important and indispensable when laying asphalt, as they enable accurate monitoring and control of temperature throughout the entire process of working with asphalt.


Working with asphalt requires strict adherence to the temperature limit (lower temperature limit), whereby the temperature of the asphalt must not fall below 110 degrees Celsius – the entire time of processing (filling, transport, and laying). The time window is limited, so all phases must be implemented quickly, and they must be supported by reliable asphalt temperature measurements. Only these are carried out in the key stages of the work:

  • pouring asphalt in asphalt bases;
  • transporting and receiving asphalt in a truck;
  • laying asphalt on road surfaces.

The optimal asphalt temperature is between 150 and 180 degrees Celsius.

One of the main challenges is the cooling of the asphalt if the truck is on the road for too long. In such a case, the asphalt cannot be used or it must be additionally heated. During transport, the temperature of the asphalt can cool down by a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius, and any cooling down hurts its quality. There is also a risk that too cold asphalt is poured into the container, which can lead to complaints and additional costs.


At ELPRO LEPENIK, together with our users, we have developed a temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of asphalt, which enables fast and reliable measurements and is mechanically specially reinforced and adapted for difficult working conditions. A key component of the kit is a robust portable temperature sensor designed specifically for asphalt temperature measurement. Most often, the sensor is combined with a TFN 520 thermometer, to which a silicone protective sleeve is added since the working conditions during asphalt laying are not exactly laboratory-like – the temperature is high, the gloves are dirty and the substance is quite sticky. The set is robust, the components are well-protected and replaceable or repairable.

The solution enables quick and reliable monitoring of asphalt temperature in real-time. The temperature sensor is completely adjustable for the user in terms of the length of the measuring tube and the connecting cable. The optimal length is between 400 and 500 mm, the length of the cable as desired: either very short, quite long, or perhaps in a spiral form. At the customer’s request, the set is calibrated in our accredited laboratory. Calibration allows users to have increased confidence in the measurement results and, consequently, better asphalt temperature management. Both mean saving time, problems, complaints, and bad will.

And what’s more: the end of the sensor can be customized for existing meters or other meters can be selected from the one presented. Perhaps a datalogger that logs data independently?

Additional solutions

We also offer a temperature monitoring system for recording and storing the temperature of the asphalt when it is loaded onto the truck. This system allows accurate recording of the asphalt temperature during the loading process, ensuring that the asphalt was at the correct temperature when poured. Many things can happen on the way. With the help of measurements recorded on the delivery note, the correct temperature of the asphalt during loading is proven, which reduces the chances of errors and complaints.


Asphalt temperature measurement is key to ensuring quality and efficiency in asphalt paving. The correct asphalt temperature plays an important role in ensuring the durability and reliability of road surfaces. Therefore, it is essential to use reliable and fast methods of measuring asphalt temperature. This allows construction companies and contractors to accurately monitor asphalt temperature at all stages of work, contributing to optimal results and customer satisfaction.

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