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MONITORING SYSTEMS – Benefits and comparisons

Monitoring systems for real and reliable monitoring and control of your measurement process

Monitoring systems monitor and control data obtained from measurements of various physical quantities. They are used in industrial processes and anywhere else where measurements of specific physical parameters are needed to perform products or services. They simplify data transfer and, unlike monitoring data solely via memory units (data loggers), monitoring systems transfer all relevant data, which can be analysed in real time and used to generate accurate reports. With monitoring systems, your key measurement data is constantly at your fingertips, informing you in a timely and reliable manner if set (desired) values are exceeded inside or outside the workflow.

Operation of the monitoring system

The monitoring system works with data loggers that store the data from the measuring instruments and automatically (wirelessly or via an interface) transfer it to a server or the cloud. The software analyses this data and stores it in a database. An alarm (audio or video) is triggered when the set threshold is exceeded. All relevant users are thus informed in real time via SMS, email or phone call. The data obtained can be accessed via all major platforms and is encrypted and carefully protected from unauthorised access. The data can be evaluated anytime and anywhere (close to the process itself, from home or elsewhere). The data display is fully customisable. External devices and existing systems can be integrated seamlessly, as can system extensions.


The advantages of monitoring systems include:

They perform three key functions: control, document/record and visualise measurement data – all fully automated.

Data can be retrieved anywhere, anytime via your smart mobile device in a format tailored to you.

Mobile app monitoring.

Connectivity and data storage in the cloud (CLOUD systems).

Very wide scope and applicability.

Saving time, labour and other costs.

Compliance with regulations such as GxP, FDA 21 – CFR Part 11, SOPs and others.

Areas of application, applicability

Monitoring systems can be used wherever the quality of a process requires the monitoring of certain physical parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, gas analysis, etc.). This includes a very wide range of users such as: shops, warehouses, server rooms, HVAC applications, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceuticals and many industrial activities.

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Figure: Example of monitoring systems in use – clean rooms


ELPRO LEPENIK offers you efficient monitoring systems from our partners Rotronic, EBRO and COMET from our technical programme. The three different systems can be combined, with the one that best suits the user as the base. A major advantage is the use of standard equipment, which can be upgraded at any time by the user. We add our customisation service to your application and system solution. The systems can also be maintained, either just monitored or additionally monitored, and if necessary, calibrated by the user at the time of purchase and on a periodic basis. The systems are available with IQ and OQ.

Figure: Comparison of monitoring system features from our product range; Rok Samec, June 2022

Our experts will help you choose the most suitable monitoring system for your application or field of use. We can: prepare and manage the project, procure the necessary meters and equipment, install the complete monitoring system and calibrate the measuring equipment.

”Make the monitoring system work for you!”

Authors Katarina Žunko, Rok Samec
June 2022

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