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ELPRO LEPENIK offers you excellent solutions for your control of environmental parameters in HVAC applications

Reliable measurement technology is crucial, not only for optimising and regulating HVAC applications (heating, cooling and ventilation), but also for indoor air quality and consequent well-being.

Our partner Rotronic offers a wide range of measuring instruments and solutions for HVAC applications, with an optimal value for money. This includes a wide range of handheld instruments, data loggers and measurement transducers. They can be installed directly in ventilation ducts or on the wall. These solutions can also be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

In the field of building management, solutions and measuring instruments are mainly used to monitor or monitoring humidity, temperature, CO2, air flow and differential pressure . Low dew point measurement is particularly important to protect investments in expensive compressed air systems.

For monitoring in HVAC applications and ventilation control, we highlight the following instruments from our range:



In data centres, certain environmental conditions need to be taken into account to ensure the performance and longevity of the installed hardware.

Temperature should normally be between 18-27 °C, Dew point between 5-15 °Cdp and relative humidity below 60 % RH. These conditions ensure that the servers operate in ideal climatic conditions. They also prevent condensation and reduce the possibility of static energy build-up caused by low humidity.

To ensure an optimal climate in data centres, instrumentation is used to record and monitor relative humidity, temperature, differential pressure and low dew point.

It is for the purpose of controlling/monitoring environmental conditions in data centres that we highlight:

All products are connected to a unique monitoring by a continuous monitoring system environmental parameters.

Author Katarina Žunko, source Rotronic. ”Data centre monitoring”, ”HVAC and climate control buildings”
November 2021

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