KS1_650/2K1KERHIT connector for thermocouple (TC) type _, ceramic plug with quick-connect, standard version


Šifra: KS1_650/2K1KERHIT

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  • mounting: cable mount (we recommend using the KSDK1_ bracket (EL0333))
  • design: ceramic with quick-connect
  • for thermocouple: K, J, N, T, S/R, B, E, U, L
  • IEC 584-3 colour codes
  • for connecting wires up to 1,6 mm
  • for temperatures up to 650 °C

Quantity prices are: 10, 20, 100 … pcs!




KS1_650/2K1KERHIT connector plug for thermocouple (TC), type _ in standard ceramic version with quick-connect is designed for connection of thermocouples.

The standard KS1_650/2K1KERHIT ceramic quick-connect cable plug for connecting thermocouples (type K, J, N, T, S/R, B, E, U, L ) is used as the basic connecting element of the compensated thermocouple cable connection of thermocouples. It is suitable for use in industrial processes as well as in general processes where convenient and quick assembly and disassembly of thermocouples into systems is required.

For ambient temperatures up to 650 °C and for connecting wires up to 1,6 mm. Other versions can be selected using the code list in the Documentation tab.

Full pin contacts allow good contact even in heavy use, hollow pins are more competitively priced for less frequent use. Full contacts with original TC materials, also available nickel-plated or gold-plated (special orders). Additionally, economy versions (1000 pcs), LOCK versions for vibration environments, high temperature versions up to 350, 425 and 540 °C are available.

Additionally , many prefabricated elements are available, depending on the application, please enquire.


WE RECOMMEND that you use a stainless steel cable bracket for cable mounting, to be ordered separately, code KSDK1_ (EL0333).