KSDK1_ stainless cable holder for standard connector, EL0333


Šifra: KSDK1_

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  • for standard cable connectors
  • material: stainless steel
  • packing: 10 pieces
  • for wire sizes: 4.5 … 7.5 mm



KSDK1_ stainless cable holder for standard connector, EL0333 is a stainless holder for optimum fixation of the cable in front of the connector.

When mounting a standard connector on cables, we recommend using the KSDK1_ holder or bracket, which holds the cable in the correct position relative to the connector (this is a weak point, a common problem) and prolongs the life of the joint while providing additional grip for handling.

KSDK1_ has four versions;

  • The KSDK11 holder fits all standard cable connectors.
  • KSDK12 holder fits standard ceramic cable connector
  • KSDK13 holder fits duplex standard cable connector
  • KSDK14 holder fits standard quick-connect cable connector


many other prefabricated elements and accessories are also available, depending on the application, please enquire.

*old designation EL0333


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