Cables, wires and connectors

Cables, wires and connectors are the connecting and coupling elements for temperature sensors and as such shall be material matched for appropriate compensated connections, e.g. for thermocouples.
Thermocouple (TC) and RTD (RTD) cables are the connections in measurement systems that measure temperature. They determine the difference in potential (thermocouple) or emit an electrical signal (RTD), and the measuring instruments convert the signal into a temperature reading.
Insulated thermocouple wires have insulation made of glass fibre, MFA, silicone, PFA, PTFE, PVC, ceramic, etc.
The connectors are designed for connecting and extending temperature sensors. They are particularly important for thermocouples, where all connecting elements must be compensated (of the same type as the thermocouple).
IMPORTANT: SIST is 1. issued SIST EN IEC 60584-3:2021 on July 2021, replacing SIST EN 60584-3:2008
Title. Part 2: Extension and compensation cables – Tolerances and identification systems (IEC 60584-3:2021)