Connectors for connecting temperature sensors

Connectors for connecting temperature sensors include plugs, sockets and additional elements to make the appropriate connection. Sockets are often mounted on special panels or mounting plates.
Temperature sensors use connectors and appropriate extension leads for quick disconnections and connections to the instrumentation control system. They have a strong impact on work speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness when used correctly. For resistive temperature sensors, a 3-pin connector is used, for thermocouples this is chosen according to the thermocouple type. In the EU market, we follow the IEC 584-3 colour code (K type = green; J type = black, T type = brown, N type = pink, S/R type = orange, etc.).
The connectors are available in miniature or standard versions, in different housings depending on their temperature resistance (plastic, thermoplastic, ceramic, etc.). To ensure a permanent joint, use the LOCK design. Panel socket outlets are an economical and practical solution. A wide range of connection accessories are available alongside the connectors.