HW5 software ROTRONIC


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  • HW5
  • replaces HW4
  • configurable or calibratable
  • statistical function and integrated report PDF
  • calculation of psychrometric values
  • WMO verified
  • selectable user views and passwords
  • supported operating systems:Windows 10



HW5 software ROTRONIC is a user-friendly computer software for configuring and reading Rotronic measuring instruments.


NFC interface

The new HW5 function allows the possibility to configure or calibrate the next generation of devices (e.g. HF5A) via the NFC interface.


Data transmission

The download of log data from the data loggers is available in several formats: .xls, .csv and .log.

You can open the .xls format with aneditor or with Excel. Data can also be exported in other formats.


Instrument configuration

The instrument configuration is done according to the instrument and the sensor.

The following functions and settings can be changed:

  • assignment and scaling of inverter outputs
  • Alarm value definition (on device only)
  • relay switching points
  • sensor setup and calibration


Analysis and processing of psychometric data

All Rotronic instruments measure relative humidity in % RH and temperature in °C/°F.

These two values can be used to calculate other psychometric values:

  • Dew point
  • mixing ratio
  • enthalpy and wet bulb temperature.

The calculation module in the HW5 software uses formulas validated by the WMO. It allows users to define their own parameters (e.g. mixing ratio and temperature) as input values and calculate the relative humidity from them. Other advanced options are also included, such as: dew point differentiation.


Statistical function and integrated report PDF

The statistical function and the integrated PDF report allow easy and detailed evaluation of the data.

It shows the following values:

  • min., max. and the average value (over a given period or during an alarm)
  • standard deviation,
  • mean kinetic temperature
  • number of measured values
  • the total measurement time exceeded the specified value


Users and passwords

You can define and assign usernames and passwords as you wish. You can assign different rights to each user. Users can be blocked and reactivated. Deleted users cannot be recreated under the same name.


HW5 software ROTRONIC, HW5 Professional

With water activity measurement, the HW5 Professional is the only version of the HW5 for which you have to pay for the additional water activity measurement function.

Additional feature:

  • Aw measurement: measurement of water activity using standard AWE and AW-Quick methods (results are usually obtained within 4-5 minutes)
  • Aw reports: generate reports on water activity measurements.


The operating system supports Windows 10.


The new generation of Rotronic HW5 software replaces the long-standing and successful HW4 software.


ROTRONIC HW5 software will be available as a professional version free of charge.

Other designations: HW 5, HW-5, HW_5


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