HF5-EX HygroFlex5-EX series of relative humidity and temperature transmitters from ROTRONIC


Šifra: HF5-EX HygroFlex5-EX

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  • Power supply: 10… 28 V DC
  • Output current: 4 … 20 mA
  • FDA 21 CFR, 11. part, and GAMP compatible
  • Accuracy: at 23 °C ±5 °C: ±0.8 % RH/±0.1 K
  • Application range: -40 … +60 °C/-10 … +60 °C (with display) 0 … 100% RH, non-condensing


HF5-EX The HygroFlex5-EX series of relative humidity and temperature transmitters from ROTRONIC represents the latest development of dual-channel transmitters for accurate measurement of humidity and temperature in explosive atmospheres.

It meets the latest international standards.

The HF5-EX series consists of a robust aluminium transducer, with or without a screen.

The supplied sensors are inserted in a stainless steel tube and certified for Zone 0/20 operation, while the transducer is certified for Zone 1/21.

The intelligent circuit design with electrical isolation allows the measurement system to operate in many cases without a self-powered supply.


Main features of the HF5-EX

  • intrinsically safe sensors
  • robust aluminium housing
  • electrically isolated analogue outputs
  • replaceable stainless steel sensors
  • certified for two temperature classes (T4/T5)
  • safe operation in areas with explosion hazards
  • software update: with the internet and HW4 software, replaced by the new HW5 software version
  • measurement of relative humidity and temperature, dew point and other calculated parameters

Power supply

  • Low voltage: 2-wire

Signal output

  • analogue current output
  • two free-choice analogue outputs
  • 2-wire (2 x 4 … 20 mA)

Output parameters

  • relative humidity and temperature

Measurement zones

  • 0 … 100% RV
  • -40 … +60 °C/-40 … +85 °C


  • without screen
  • display with trend indicators and keypad
  • benchmarks with trend indicators
  • keypad configuration possible

Recommended use of HF5-EX with:

Included in the shipment:

  • factory adjustment certificate
  • a short instruction manual
  • fixing screws

Variants of the HF5-EX models

  • Wall-mounted (W)
  • ducted version (D)



Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, warehouses, food, sugar and flour factories, power plants and the oil industry.

To help you choose your model, please refer to the technical data sheet in the Annex (Documentation).

Other designations: HF5EX, HF5 EX, HF5_EX,