DPGS43.160 differential pressure gauge with switchable contacts WIKA


Šifra: MAN-DPGS43.160

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  • measuring scale from 0 … 16 mbar
  • switch contact instruments for PLC applications
  • instruments with inductive contacts for use in hazardous areas
  • high working pressure (static pressure) and high overload protection up to 40 bar
  • also available with a liquid-filled pouch for high dynamic pressure loads or vibrations




The DPGS43.160 differential pressure gauge with switchable contacts from WIKA is used for monitoring differential pressures, the instrument allows switching and display.

Where process pressure needs to be specified locally and circuits need to be switched at the same time, the model DPGS43.160 GAUGE switch finds its application.

Switch contacts (electrical alarm contacts) make or break the electrical control circuit depending on the position of the pressure gauge pointer. The switch contacts are adjustable over the full range of the dial (see DIN 16085) and are located mainly under the dial, but also partly on the top of the dial. The instrument pointer (actual value indicator) moves freely over the full scale range, independent of the setting.
You can adjust the set cursor using the removable adjustment key in the window.

You can also set multiple contacts to a single set point. The contact is triggered when the actual value pointer moves above or below the desired set point.

The differential pressure gauge is manufactured in accordance with DIN 16085 and meets all the requirements of the relevant standards (EN 837-3) and regulations for the on-site display of the working pressure of pressure vessels.
Magnetic contacts, reed switches, inductive contacts and electronic contacts are available as switch contacts. Inductive contacts can be used in hazardous areas. Electronic contacts and reed switches can be used to trigger programmable logic controllers (PLCs).


Features of DPGS43.160

  • Implementation:
    • Process connections bottom bracket or side (optional), highly corrosion-resistant metal design, measuring cell protected against unauthorised access.
    • Overload resistance according to EN 837-3
  • Nominal size in mm: 160
  • Accuracy class:
    • 1.6
    • Option:
    • 1.0 on request
  • Scale range:
    • 0 … 16 mbar to 0 … 250 mbar
    • 0 … 400 mbar to 0 … 40 bar
    • other units available (e.g. psi, kPa)
    • or any other equivalent pressure and vacuum ranges
  • Scale:
    • Single scale
  • Option:
    • Double Rock
    • Scaling (e.g. linear pressure or square root increase)
  • Pressure limit:
    • Constant value of the overall scale
    • Niha 0.9 x total scale value
    • Follow the recommendations for the use of mechanical pressure measurement systems according to EN 837-2
  • Safety overpressure and max. working pressure (static pressure): see technical data sheet
  • Connection point:
    • Bottom bracket (radial)
    • Option:
      • lateral (right, left, front or rear)
  • Process link:
    • G ¼ B female
    • G ½ B male
    • ½ NPT male
    • Other procedural links via female or male threads on request
  • Allowable temperature:
    • Medium: -20 °C … +100 °C
    • Option:
      • Medium temperature > 100 °C on request
    • Environment -20 °C … + 60 °C (maximum 80 °C with polycarbonate window)
  • Temperature effect When the temperature of the measuring system deviates from the reference temperature (+20 °C): max. ± 0.5 % / 10 K of the total scale value
  • Housing:
    • Version S1 according to EN 837: With back-blowing device in the enclosure
    • Safety version S3 according to EN 837: with solid barrier wall (Solidfront) and back exhaust
  • Charging the housing
    • Without
    • Option:
      • By filling the casing
  • The media chamber:
    • with a scale range ≤ 0.25 bar
    • Option:
      • With a scale range ≥ 0.4 bar

For more features and additional options, we recommend viewing the attached .pdf documents under the Documentation section.


Areas of use, applications:

  • filter and pump control
  • process control and regulation
  • level measurement on closed containers
  • plant control and circuit switching
  • for measuring points with increased differential overpressure


ELPRO designation: MAN-DPGS43.160


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