CPP30 WIKA Pneumatic Pressure Tester


Šifra: CPP30

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  • small weight
  • compact dimensions
  • ergonomic handling
  • accurate setting z valve for fine setting



The WIKA CPP30 pneumatic test pressure gauge serves as a pressure generator for testing, adaptation and umeasurement (calibration) mechanical and electronic pressure gauges with comparative measurements. These pressure tests can be carried out in the laboratory or workshop or on site (ON SITE).

Easy tomanage
If the CPP30 pneumatic inflator test connect the test element and a sufficiently accurate reference measuring instrument, will be trigger ed when the accelerator is released the same pressure is applied to both measuring instruments. By comparing the two measured values at any pressure value , it is possible to check the accuracy of and/oror setting the test element. To get close to the measuring points, has a pneumatic inflator test valve for fine adjustment.

Simple Handling
Despite very compact size allows simple and accurate ucreation of a test pressures up to 35 barov, by switching to ucreating a vacuum to950 mbar. The maximum achievable pressure or vacuum depends on the connected test volume.
For fine adjustment for accurate comparative testing, the pressure gauge is equipped with a fine adjustment valve. The reference instrument is screwed directly to the top of the pressure gauge and the test element is connected with the G ¼” female threaded hose included in the scope of delivery.


To view additional options and more technical features, we recommend viewing the attached pdfs. documents under the Documentation section.


Fields of application, applications CPP30

  • pneumatic pressure generation from -0.95 … +35 bar
  • for testing, adjusting and calibrating all types of pressure measuring instruments
  • easily create test pressures on site (ON SITE), in the lab or in the workshop



All functions can be controlled using the software at the link.


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