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ELPRO LEPENIK membership of AIAG

The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) was founded in 1982 with the support of the three largest US automotive OEMs. AIAG is a unique non-profit organisation where companies in the automotive industry work together to reduce costs and complexity in the supply chain. The group’s membership includes the world’s leading car manufacturers, their parts suppliers, service providers and related global partners and government organisations.

Since its early beginnings, AIAG membership has grown to over 4,000 members, which include companies including global OEMs such as GM, Boeing, Toyota, Tesla, Honda, Polaris, Volkswagen, Caterpillar, Bosch, Magna …

Image:AIAG Member LOGO – ELPRO LEPENIK AIAG Membership

Benefits of AIAG membership for our company

ELPRO LEPENIK’s membership of AIAG represents an opportunity to engage with automotive industry representatives who are actively engaged in the next generation of industry standards and best practices. In this case, participating companies from the largest automotive groups can benefit from our services in the field of accredited calibrations to the standards applicable to the automotive (and some also to the aerospace) industry, using our products.


We offer ON-SITE temperature sensors, special versions of temperature sensors, accredited calibration services and validation of furnaces for heat treatment and ageing of various matrials to all customers/companies using AIAG standards or recommendations, especially CQI-9 and CQI-11.


For all clients/companies using AIAG standards or recommendations, in particular CQI-9 and CQI-11, we offer training, procurement of standards and assistance in setting up systems, as well as the implementation itself.

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Figure: ON-SITE temperature sensors and accredited calibrations

AIAG membership includes aspects of the ESG policy, where at ELPRO LEPENIK, our commitment to sustainability means that we meet the principles of a circular economy, a carbon-free society and responsible management of the materials used in the manufacture of our products. This is reflected in terms of waste minimisation, improved warranty conditions, long service life, compliance with industry and government requirements in terms of manufacturing and design quality, supply chain and corporate responsibility to adopt/implement industry standards and best practices.

Author Katarina Žunko, Source AIAG: Supplier Connect: Member Company Listing, About; October 2022;
Revision: december 2022

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