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Our commitment to sustainability

“For us, sustainability is not just nice words, it means very concrete action:

  • making sure materials are from reliable sources and as close as possible;
  • care in the use of materials to avoid unnecessary impacts and waste;
  • keeping waste to a minimum, separated and reused;
  • caring about energy, being green and saving money;
  • caring for water and our water protection area;
  • caring for people, so that we work safely, comfortably, competently and with awareness;
  • caring for the nature around us and keeping it that way;
  • caring for the environment we help and stand by
  • and caring for our society – through positive impact, helping, volunteering and buying local.

In everything we do, we think about our impact, we encourage the careful use of raw materials, we buy materials for recycling, we ensure the reparability and longevity of our products, we train all our employees, and we spread good practices for all of us. Caring for nature and future generations is at the heart of our vision and our daily work, together with using modern technology to make a positive impact. That is why, and through our products, we are committed to the sustainability of our customers, to their energy efficiency and to reducing their negative impacts on people and the environment. We believe that good returns good and that this is the only way for all our children to have a good life.”

Aleksandra and Zoran Lepenik

cover image for ELPRO Lepenik Social commitment


Our vision, decisions, actions and activities are aimed at sustainable development, energy efficiency and social responsibility.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY For us, it means caring for our employees, their families and the communities where we work and live.

Our actions are aimed at good relations, effective communication, professional competence and personal development. Health promotion encourages and raises awareness among employees about the importance of exercise, fresh air, healthy eating and inner well-being. We drink bottled water, eat local apples and promote local production. We work for a healthy work environment, decent work, continuous process improvement and equal, safe, ergonomic and green workplaces. Through donations and programmes, we help vulnerable groups – to coexist with heart and mind. Through our actions GIVING BACK TO THE ENVIRONMENT by keeping it clean and looking good. Our employee park has a large lawn, trees with bird food, a honey garden and an insect hotel. This is our contribution to the environment, the local community and society.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY integrated into all aspects of our work and business processes.

By producing efficient temperature sensors, we directly influence our customers’ processes to ensure that their temperature processes are energy efficient. We complement our own production equipment with partner measurement and control technology programmes, all of which are calibrated in our own accredited calibration laboratory. In doing so, we develop technical support processes and applications that reduce energy and energy consumption, maintenance, time and labour costs, improve product quality control and contribute to the longevity of our customers’ assets. Through all these activities, we are carefully pursuing customer and consumer demands for sustainable products and services.

Our activities and actions are in pursuit of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT , which is an important part of our mission for future generations.

As a company, we are taking concrete steps to actively pursue our green and circular economy objectives. All our products are designed to be long-lasting, renewable and recyclable. In addition, we collect and process one of the key elements in sensor technology, platinum from thermocouples, which is returned to the use cycle after processing. Platinum has only a 2% loss in recycling, so 98% is reused.

Our commitment to sustainability is our commitment to a low carbon footprint, which we achieve by: consistently separating waste, returning batteries and electronic equipment to the common scheme, packaging in cardboard (with fillers made from recycled cardboard), heating and cooling production areas with a heat pump (water-to-water), using energy-saving lighting and natural light, using LPG vehicles for business trips, and not releasing harmful substances into the environment. In doing so, we ensure the economical and rational use of energy, energy and water.

We are driven by strategy “digital & green”. We pursue the goals (saving paper, cartridges, energy and labour) of digital transformation and implement digital business solutions.

At the level of the internal organisation, we have in place ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY aimed at further influencing the diligence, commitment and compliance of all those involved in the work process.

In cooperation with SRIP Factories of the Future, we are the winner of the CERTIFICATES certifying the integrity of the results, traceability and transparency for the energy and GHG inventory at the organisational level.


Under the umbrella of CER, we have become a member of the Alliance for Green Recovery Slovenia and one of the 100+ Allies.

CER – Centre for Energy Efficient Solutions, a leading platform for green technologies. It is made up of around 50 national (governmental and non-governmental organisations, business) and international partners.

CER’s mission : to promote an innovative climate-neutral circular economy and green technologies that have answers to environmental and energy challenges.

CER Vision : to make Slovenia a hub for the development of future green technologies.

CER activities:

  1. promoting tools to foster a climate-neutral economy and green technologies
  2. cooperation, integration, openness, distributability in the development of green technologies
  3. raising awareness of the positive, multiplier effects of a climate-neutral economy
  4. promoting Slovenian knowledge, scientific achievements and technological breakthroughs in the field of green technologies
  5. Global networking and internationalisation.

The Slovenian Green Recovery Alliance aims to ensure the development of a green, smart and technologically advanced Slovenia. At the same time, the Alliance aims to encourage the Slovenian Government to take measures to promote the green economy.

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