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At the ELPRO Calibration Laboratory, we accredited calibrate your measuring equipment in accordance with CQI standard guidelines.

New edition of the CQI-9

The CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) range of standards is issued by the North American Automobile Association AIAG.

The fourth edition of the CQI-9 (Special Process Heat Treat System Assessment and Calibration) guidelines was published in 2020 .
As a result, new requirements for automotive and aerospace customers are placing demands on calibration service providers. These include meeting the requirements for certified calibration. Chapter 1.3 of the Guideline specifically addresses the requirements for calibration laboratories to comply with ISO 17025.
The Instruction further refers to calibrations of thermocouples and the requirement for traceability of calibrations. All thermocouples must be calibrated before use in the range in which they will be used, etc.

In this industry, extreme care is therefore needed when selecting and considering a calibration provider, as the provider must be accredited to SIST EN ISO 17025. In the case of an inadequate calibration provider (or one that does not fully comply with the requirements of CQI-9), the assessment or audit may order the shutdown of the customer’s production process.
The CQI-9 guidelines are dictated by the requirements of the AMS 2750 standard (aerospace and automotive).

The ELPRO Calibration Laboratory will provide you with an accredited temperature calibration in accordance with CQI-9 guidelines.

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New CQI-11 Guidelines

The third edition of the CQI-11 Guidelines was issued in October 2019. CQI-11 was developed to help better evaluate the quality systems available in processes where electroplating is present (automotive OEM coatings). The galvanic coating must be assessed at least once a year.
Previous revisions of the CQI-11 guidelines did not provide sufficient detail to guide the user to acceptable test methods and results (accredited calibration). This edition provides the necessary level of detail and is aligned with CQI-9. It refers to applications related to pyrometry (IR radiation for remote determination of the temperature of objects, in the case of very high temperatures).

These guidelines are a supplement to the IATF and apply to all automotive suppliers worldwide. The requirements of this issue also apply to the aviation industry.

At ELPRO Lepenik, we manufacture a reference thermometer with a temperature sensor length of 1m, a immersion depth of 950 mm, a diameter of 4 mm and a special PTFE protective coating in accordance with CQI-11. The reference measuring set is supplied with an accredited calibration certificate (note: the chosen dimension corresponds to the standard, but can be customized).

ELPRO Calibration Laboratory can calibrate your thermometers and temperature sensors in accordance with CQI-11 guidelines and perform accredited calibration of the thermometers you use for bath temperature control.

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