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TRGATEV: wine and cider production

ELPRO LEPENIK promotes the culture and traditions that are part of our wine-growing region. To this end, we offer effective solutions for you, the winemaker and the wine grower, which will be of great help to you in your wine and cider production.

A green vineyard at sunset, carefully selected vines, and the noble taste of wine. These are the elements that make up the heart and soul of the wine industry. At ELPRO LEPENIK, we are proud to contribute to this tradition with our innovative solutions for harvesting, wine and cider production..

Products for harvesting and the production of cider and wine

The quality of must and wine depends on many factors, from the choice of vines, the correct location and care of the vineyard, to environmental influences, as well as the control of temperature and chemical characteristics. As we cannot influence weather conditions and some environmental factors, we at ELPRO LEPENIK help you to control the temperature and chemical properties during the wine processing process – to keep these factors under the full control of YOU, the grower and winemaker.

Our range of advanced products for harvesting, wine and must production includes:

ELPRO temperature sensors

Temperature sensors play a key role in the processes of harvesting, wine and must production, fermentation, pressing, maceration, processing, storage, bottling, ageing and serving.

The optimum temperature for fermentation is between 20 and 30 °C, which allows for better colour extraction in red wine. During fermentation, it is important to control the temperature, which can be achieved with temperature sensors such as:

TTU-PRO-010 industry zunanja/prostorska RTD temperaturna tipala v ALU ohišju

  • število senzorjev: 1 ali 2
  • merilni element: Pt100 ali Pt1000
  • delovna temperatura tipala: -40 … +100 °C
  • klasa točnosti: A ali A+
  • vezava senzorja: 2, 3 ali 4 vodna
  • vgradna dolžina: x (mm)
  • premer zaščitne cevi: 3 mm ali po želji
  • ohišje: ALU; 75/80/57 mm;
  • IP65
  • uvodnica PG 11

TTU-GLA-010-11A3L 120/30559-TWRSB 0/MP industry temperaturno tipalo


  • merilni element: 1 x Pt100, klase A po EN 60751 : 2008, 3-žična vezava
  • vgradna dolžina: l = 300 mm, nato razširitev na fi 6.0 mm dolžine l = 60 mm
  • premer: fi 3 mm
  • razširitev na priključni PTFE kabel: l: 5000 mm, z zaščito spoja
  • vsi kovinski materiali: nerjaveče jeklo Wr.Nr.: 1.4571
  • delovna temperatura tipala: -220 … +600 °C, na spoju s kablom: +200 °C

With different types of temperature sensors such as TTU-OPL-030, TTU-OPL-020, TTU-OPL-060, TTU-KAB-040, and their combination with the TFX 410 thermometer, it is possible to efficiently monitor temperatures at all stages of the wine-making process, from pressing, processing and maceration, to storage and serving, to ensure a quality and tasty wine.

TTU-OPL-060 – MIMS uporovno (RTD), s PVC ročajem

  • merilni element: K, J, E, T, N
  • število termočlenov: 1, 2 ali 3
  • klasa točnosti: klasa 1 po SIST EN 60584-1
  • vgradna dolžina: x (mm)
  • premer: 6 mm ali x
  • zaključek kabla: ročaj
  • ostalo glejte tehnični list

TTU-OPL-030 – MIMS uporovno (RTD), z LEMO konektorjem

  • merilni element: K, J, E, T, N
  • število termočlenov: 1, 2 ali 3
  • klasa točnosti: klasa 1 po SIST EN 60584-1:2015
  • vgradna dolžina: x (mm)
  • premer: 6 mm ali x
  • LEMO konektor: 2-polni ali 4-polni
  • ostalo glejte tehnični list

TTU-OPL-020, MIMS uporovno – s priključnim kablom

  • merilni element: K, J, E, T, N
  • število termočlenov: 1, 2 ali 3
  • klasa točnosti: klasa 1 po SIST EN 60584-1
  • vgradna dolžina: x (mm)
  • premer: 6 mm ali x
  • dolžina priključnega kabla: x (mm)
  • zaključek kabla: prosti konci ali konektor
  • ostalo glejte tehnični list

TTU-KAB-040_PVC ročaj – vbodna temperaturna tipala (RTD) s priključnim kablom


  • število senzorjev: 1 ali 2
  • merilni element: Pt100 ali Pt 1000
  • klasa točnosti: A ali A+
  • vezava senzorja: 2, 3 ali 4 vodna
  • vgradna dolžina: x (mm)
  • procesni priključek: brez ali x
  • premer zaščitne cevi: 6 mm ali x
  • ostalo glejte tehnični list

TFX 410 jedrni termometer s fiksno Pt1000 sondo EBRO


  • merilno območje: -50 … +300 °C
  • točnost: ±0.3 °C
  • sonda: Pt1000
  • skladen z EN 13485
  • priložen tovarniški certifikat

Programme of our partners

1. The must war mer: the must warmer is essential to maintain the optimum temperature of the must during fermentation. The heaters are designed to provide even and precise heating, which helps to improve the quality of the final product.

Grelec za mošt

  • premer: 300 mm
  • napetost: 230 V
  • moč: 3300 W
Grelec je mogoče izdelati tudi po meri.

2. Control cabinet, digital regulators and temperature probes for heating or cooling must and wine: precise control of temperature and other parameters of must and wine is fundamental to maintaining quality. With customised cabinets and probes, you can easily adjust and monitor these parameters, giving you full control over the process.

Krmilne elektro omarice


  • omogoči vmesno kontrolno točko in varnost pri uporabi
  • možnost vgradnje najsodobnejše telekomunikacijske ali komunikacijske rešitve
  • ogled na terenu
  • demontaža
  • nastavitev in kalibracija

Digital controllers and temperature probes

  • Choice of digital controllers and temperature probes according to needs.

3. Control module with SMS notification function: the control module is equipped with an SMS notification function that notifies you when the wine temperature rises or falls outside the desired limits. The module also records the temperature in the Cloud. This allows you to take immediate action and prevent any complications.

U0141G brezžični data logger za temperaturo za 4 zunanje sonde z vgrajenim 4G modemom COMET

  • merilno območje: -200 … +260 °C
  • točnost: ±0.2 °C; ±0.2 % izmerjene vrednosti v območju od +100 do +260 °C
  • ločljivost: 0.1 °C

4. CO2 monitors: monitoring the CO2 level during fermentation is necessary for the safety and quality of the wine. CO2 monitors allow you to monitor these levels and take action if safety limits are exceeded.

CDL 110 prostorski prikazovalnik temperature, vlage in CO2 Wöhler

  • zaslon: istočasni prikaz vrednosti meritev T, RV in CO2
  • napajanje: AC adapter 5 V, izhod 0.5 A
  • merilno območje CO2: 0 … 2000 ppm
  • merilno območje: -10 … +60 °C
  • merilno območje: 5 … 95 %

5. EBRO thermometer: EBRO is synonymous with reliable and highly accurate temperature gauges. Using their thermometer, you will be able to accurately monitor the temperature of the must and wine throughout the process.

TLC 700 prenosni termometer z zložljivo sondo EBRO


  • območje delovne temperature: -30 … +220 °C
  • točnost: ±0.5 … 1.0 °C
  • skladen z EN13485
  • priložen tovarniški certifikat
  • zaščita IP65
  • HACCP sistemi

7. pH meter EBRO + electrode as a combination: an optimal pH value is important for the stability and quality of the wine. The PHT 810 pH meter from EBRO offers easy and accurate measurement of the pH value of must and wine.

PHT 810 pH-meter EBRO

  • točnost: ±0.03 pH
  • resolucija: 0.01 pH
  • baterija: litijeva 3 V / 1 Ah
  • merilno območje: 0 pH … 14 pH

AT 201 pH elektroda za PHT 810, steklena EBRO

  • merilno območje pH: 0 … 14 pH
  • območje delovne temperature: -15 … +130 °C
  • elektroda za priklop na merilnik PHT 810
  • za meritve pH v laboratorijih

At ELPRO LEPENIK, we believe that each of these products is key to creating top quality wine and must. Our team of experts will help you choose the right solution for your needs and provide you with full application support.

Whether you are a small family winery or a large wine farm,
ELPRO LEPENIK has the solutions to help you achieve the best results. Together with you, we are building a delicious future for the wine industry.

ELPRO LEPENIK – Your partner for fine wine and cider.

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