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ELPRO LEPENIK can professionally design a control electrical control cabinet for your application

ELPRO BEAUTIFUL For many years we have been successfully offering and providing our customers with a wide range of control solutions. We carry out site visits, dismantling, transport, assembly, adjustment and calibration. Anything required for refurbishment or for the construction of a new one control electrical control cabinets . We don’t forget the plans, and if you want, we can also build you the software to manage, store and alarm the process.

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Picture:ELPRO LEPENIK control and regulation electrical cabinet


Electrical cabinets are an indispensable control system for your workflow. They are used in (manufacturing) processes where temperature control is required. They regulate the temperature of tools with heating discs and operate as a completely independent unit.

They consist of an electrical enclosure and metering and control elements. They differ in the way they are installed and the material they are made of.


The use of a quality control cabinet simplifies many time-consuming processes, while providing the user with an intermediate control point and safety in use. The cabinets can be fitted with state-of-the-art communication solutions that notify the user remotely in the event of an alarm or other set condition.


Processes and materials in industry require precise temperatures with high operational reliability and safety. The design of electrical control cabinets can therefore vary depending on the application.
Plastics (chemical industry) manufacturers use so-called “hot runners”. hot runner electrical control cabinets, which are much more specific for this purpose.
In germination plants, the processes require software-controlled and time-dependent temperatures.
Smaller users simply need a solution that does not require additional installation and the hiring of a specialist electronics and/or electrical engineer.


Multi-purpose temperature control systems are versatile, cost-effective and optimally designed to best suit the needs of your process. These electrical cabinets, when in operation, shall deliver very short heating pulses, causing a minimum deviation from the desired temperature of ± 1 °C. This means they contribute significantly to lower energy consumption and ejection costs.

ELPRO LEPENIK & Co. solution

Manufacture of electrical control cabinets

ELPRO Adhesive according to YOUR wishes and the requirements of your work process, we can order and assemble a custom-made electrical enclosure, or even to standard specifications. What all our control cabinet manufacturing processes have in common is that we choose the best materials on the market. This ensures that your locker is as durable and resistant to environmental factors as possible.

When implementing lockers, we will give you from our Japanese partner Shinko we install controllers and/or SSR relays and we can build a complete control unit/solution according to your wishes.

Renewal, repair and modernisation of the control cabinet

ELPRO Adhesive as part of our service and technical support, we also offer services at the following link.

Author Rok Samec
October 2021

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