TFN 530 series, (2-channel) portable process thermometers for thermocouple connection


Šifra: TFN 530

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • operating temperature range: -200 … +1200 °C (depending on the type of thermocouple)
  • Accuracy: ±0.3 °C
  • Thermocouples: not supplied; based on ELPRO production model
  • factory certificate enclosed


The TFN 530 series is a 2-channel universal, multi-purpose thermometer for use in all industrial processes, to which you can connect thermocouples of types K, J, T and E with SMP or LEMO connector. Thermocouples can be
made to sample by ELPRO
contact us for more information.


The following thermometers are available in the series:



TFN 530-EX


Benefits of the TFN 530 series:

  • Extremely durable, suitable for many years of use in industrial processes
  • optional connection of a thermocouple of your choice
  • large display makes it easy to read the results
  • robust housing
  • lithium battery lifetime approx. 5 years


TFN 530 protection:

  • For safe storage and protection of the thermometer with probe, we recommend the AG 130 case or the AG 120 cover
  • for safe storage of the thermometer case, we recommend the AG 142 silicone sleeve


Areas of use, applications:

In all industrial processes, food industry, gastronomy, transport, storage, centre temperature measurement…


Common names: TFN530, TFN_530, TFN530SMP, TFN-530



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